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Aqua Step

Aqua stepper – step effectively in the water!

Thanks to water resistance, stepping in water is more strenuous than stepping on dry land. Exercises in the water are gentle on the joints, strengthen the cardiovascular system and train the entire muscular system. Aqua exercise is the ideal method of endurance training and is best suited to effective training of individual muscle groups or the entire muscular system.

Activate your body’s muscles
Water exercise is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels: it doesn’t matter here if you’re a beginner or a pro. The faster you do the exercises, the more effective the training. Stepping in the water has one important advantage compared to sport on dry land: your joints, ligaments and spine are not put under as much strain. Ideal for those with osteoporosis and older people, as well as for rehabilitation therapy following surgery. Obese people and people with joint problems benefit from the relieving properties of the water.

Aqua stepper: joint-friendly fitness training
As well as joint-friendly fitness training, you also improve your coordination skills and sense of balance. Water aerobics is therefore gaining in popularity. Whether you only do step or twist exercises or work with accessories such as water dumbbells or pool noodles in classes: the water not only supports you, but also increases the level of resistance because of the pressure. Discover the aqua stepper and more accessories in Sport-Thieme’s online shop.