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"Mousetrap" Parachute

The skill-based jumping sheet!

product details
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
"Mousetrap" Parachute
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Great fun whatever your age! The "Mausefalle" parachute is a versatile toy for a wide range of ball- and beanbag-based games of skill.
  • Jumping sheet with holes and built-in pockets for lots of other game possibilities
  • Ideal for team skill games with balls or bean bags
  • Jumping sheet games encourage creativity, use of imagination and teamwork
  • Popular everywhere: in nurseries, senior groups, coaching or in schools
  • Divided into eight segments in eight colours

Product description

"Mausefalle" jumping sheet – all-rounder for group fun
With a diameter of 3.6 m and eight looped handles, the "Mausefalle" jumping sheet has space for six to ten players. It is made up of eight different segments in bold colours and is 100% polyester. The sheet is very tear-resistant and holds its shape well, ensuring it will last a long time even with plenty of use and wild games. Special feature of the "Mausefalle" jumping sheet: in addition to the hole in the middle, there is also a hole with a sewn-on net pocket in each of the wedge-shaped segments. These pockets can be used in all sorts of games and can ensure the game runs smoothly and that you do not need to stop playing to collect items after target throwing games.

More information on the jumping sheet with net pockets:
  • Jumping sheet diameter: 3.6 m
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Eight coloured segments (orange, purple, green, blue, yellow, red, white, black)
  • Eight holes with pockets (one per segment)
  • Diameter of holes: approx. 20 cm
  • One hole in the middle without net
  • Eight looped handles
  • Number of players: approx. six to ten

Contents: one jumping sheet, bean bags not included

Game ideas for the "Mausefalle" jumping sheet
The classic jumping sheet and parachute games include swinging the sheet, launching balls into the air, running around the sheet and hiding or crawling under it. With the "Mausefalle" jumping sheet you can, of course, play all of these games, but thanks to its built-in holes and pockets the sheet also opens up a world of possibilities for new and exciting games of skill. How about a mouse race? Here the group attempts to get a ball to roll a lap around the edge of the sheet as quickly as possible without it falling into one of the pockets. Or what about cat and mouse? One group is the cat, another is the mouse and group members alternate around the sheet. You then have a mouse ball and a cat ball, which are placed on opposite sides of the sheet. Which group can get their own ball to roll a lap around the sheet first? Another great idea is jumping sheet pool. 8 balls are positioned on the sheet and each of them must be potted in one of the pockets. Of course, there are many other possible ways to play, why not try it for yourself?

Warning: the "Mausefalle" jumping sheet is not suitable for carrying children!

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