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Möte Crib & U3 "Rung Ladder for Beginners" Exercise Course Elements

product details
Möte Crib & U3 "Rung Ladder for Beginners" Exercise Course Elements
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Product description

The Möte Movement Construction Set for Nurseries & Under 3 "Beginner's Ladder": Playfully Educating Children Up to 3 Years Old
Introducing the Möte Movement Construction Set designed specifically for nurseries and children under three. This engaging "Beginner's Ladder" set includes the Bengt Ladder, the Piet Platform, the Hugo Sight Path, five boards, and the Karlson Skateboard. Following the principle of self-activity, this set creates diverse movement landscapes and secluded spots, providing opportunities to grasp physical and mathematical principles. Ideal for enhancing the imagination of young explorers, it promotes a blend of fun and learning. The Hugo Sight Path, featuring a plexiglass panel, allows children to crawl over and see down to the ground, not only nurturing their spatial awareness but also facilitating intriguing communication experiences, such as when another child crawls underneath simultaneously. This versatile set opens up a world of possibilities for young minds.

Product Details:
  • Material: Wood
  • Total Weight: 30 kg
Package Contents:
  • 1 Bengt Ladder, 120x58x40 cm
  • 1 Piet Platform, 40x40x10 cm
  • 1 Karlson Skateboard, ø: 58 cm
  • 1 Hugo Sight Path, 115x28x4 cm
  • 2 Boards, 60x25x4 cm
  • 2 Boards, 80x25x4 cm
  • 1 Board (as a chicken ladder), 120x34x4 cm
Shipping (1 Unit):
  • 1 Package 30 kg (120x60x60 cm)

Empowering toddlers to explore their physical and imaginative capabilities, the Möte Movement Construction Set for Nurseries & Under 3 introduces a creative blend of play and learning. This meticulously designed set, featuring high-quality wooden components, fosters motor skills, spatial awareness, and cognitive development in a fun, engaging environment. Perfect for any nursery or early childhood education setting looking to enrich their play area with versatile and educational equipment.

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