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Sport-Thieme "Active Children" Games Set

Encourages nursery and school children to be more active

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Sport-Thieme "Active Children" Games Set
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The Sport-Thieme "Active Children" games set is ideal for group activities and coordination games in nurseries, schools and clubs.
  • Encourages children to engage in group games and be more active
  • Contains equipment for a multitude of different activities
  • Improves juggling and psychomotor skills, teamwork, and balance

Product description

The Sport-Thieme activity set for children: with soft balls and dice
The Sport-Thieme activity set for children will entice any child to play, allowing them to safely get rid of some excess energy. The set has been put together with the kids’ needs in mind and includes a host of soft foam balls that can be thrown and caught with both the hands and feet. Soft balls are, in particular, an excellent choice for the more reserved and cautious children as they don’t hurt when caught awkwardly. The set also includes some foam dice for extra variety. They are great for adding some numbers and maths to the games.

Parachute and juggling scarves for a host of different games
Activities with the parachute require teamwork, for example, when attempting to move a ball in a certain direction. The parachute is also great for perception games: some of the group could move the parachute up and down while others lie on the floor to feel the ‘breeze’. But the parachute is not the only eye-catcher in the set. The juggling scarves can be just as fascinating to watch when they glide to the floor in slow motion. The colourful scarves are also a fun prop to have a first go at juggling, and they are particularly pretty when used in dancing activities.

Roller board for imaginative movement games
The orange Sport-Thieme "Colour" roller board included is a real eye-catcher and will certainly not remain unused for long. The horse harness is another useful prop for imaginative games, one child can, for example, sit on the roller board while another child acting as the horse pulls the board. The games and activities are a great way to develop the kids’ social skills as they have to consider each others’ needs and wishes when playing together. Throwing games can be made more challenging by involving the roller board, e.g. children to be encouraged to throw a beanbag onto the roller board while it is moving, or the rider has to catch a beanbag while in motion.

The set also includes classics
The set also includes some real classics, such as a jumping sack – which is always great fun, regardless of whether raced in a straight line or used in an obstacle course – and the Sport-Thieme "Sportime" pot stilts!
Encouraging children to enjoy sports and exercise
More and more children are not exercising enough, if at all – which makes it all the more important to include sports and exercise in nurseries and school. Including a host of soft foam balls, a roller board, horse harness, parachute, jumping sack, juggling scarves and pot stilts, the Sport-Thieme activity set for children is the perfect solution to encourage children to be more active. Children won’t have to be asked twice to join in as the products are very tempting to be used – allowing them to playfully improve their balance, motor and coordination skills.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Sport-Thieme "Active Children" games set now.

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