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Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath

product details
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
Therabath "TB7" Paraffin Wax Bath
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  • MDR-certified medical device
Nach MDR

Product description

Introducing the Therabath Paraffin Bath "TB7": a professional-grade solution specifically designed for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes. The TB7 boasts an integrated thermostat that efficiently melts paraffin beads included in the package, providing a seamless and safe operation. For enhanced safety, this device is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that activates in the event the primary heating thermostat fails, ensuring the utmost safety during use. Once melted, the paraffin retains heat, which in turn is transferred to the targeted body part. This process not only opens pores but may also improve circulation and alleviate muscle tension. Consequently, individuals suffering from arthritis, bursitis, inflamed joints, sprains, and strains might find significant relief from discomfort and pain.

The Therabath Paraffin Bath "TB7" comes with everything needed to start the treatment process right away:
  • 1 Paraffin Bath
  • 1 Grate
  • 1 Lid
  • 6 unscented paraffin packs in bead form (each 454 g)

Product Features:
  • Exterior material: Flame-retardant Polylac-ABS resin
  • Interior material: Anodized aluminum
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): Approximately 36x21x19 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Capacity: Roughly 4 kg
  • Heating power: 110-156 Watt
  • Power supply: 220–240 V (0,55–0,65 A, 50–60 Hz)
  • Operating temperature: About 52–57 ºC
  • Melting time: 6-8 Hours
  • Mode of operation: Continuous

This premium paraffin bath is engineered to provide therapeutic warmth and pain relief, making it a valuable asset for professionals in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness settings. Its high-quality construction and thoughtful safety features ensure reliable and effective use.

Incorporating the Therabath Paraffin Bath "TB7" into your professional practice can significantly enhance the treatment experience for individuals seeking relief from muscle and joint discomfort. Its precise temperature control and durable design make it a top choice for those dedicated to health and wellness.


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Certified medical device according to MDR - 3042801
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