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Moves for Kerosene Bath "Para Pro" Paraffin Wax Blocks

product details
Moves for Kerosene Bath "Para Pro" Paraffin Wax Blocks
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W0-623023613 * € 35.29
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  • MDR-certified medical device
Nach MDR

Product description

Introducing the Moves Paraffin Blocks for the "Para Pro" Paraffin Bath, a meticulously designed set to enhance your paraffin treatment experience. Each set includes six blocks, each weighing 453 grams, culminating in a total weight of 2.72 kg—perfect for efficiently filling your Para Pro paraffin bath. These blocks have been crafted with a precise melting point of approximately 46°C, allowing the paraffin to remain liquid at a temperature range of 47-48°C. This warmth is often described as comfortably warm by users, making it ideal for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. It's important to note that refills should be done with whole blocks to maintain the consistency of the paraffin quality.

Product Details:
  • Material: Paraffin
  • Scent: Tea Tree Green
  • Contains six paraffin blocks, each weighing 0.453 kg, for a total of 2.72 kg

These paraffin blocks are not only practical but also aromatic, offering a subtly invigorating Tea Tree Green scent that enhances the therapeutic experience. Ideal for professional settings or at-home use, this product guarantees an efficient and enjoyable paraffin treatment routine.


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Certified medical device according to MDR - 3023613
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Moves for Kerosene Bath "Para Pro" Paraffin Wax Blocks

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Bought on: 4 April 2021