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Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers

Innovative foot trainers

product details
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
Pedalo "PhysioFlip" Foot Exercisers
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The Pedalo "PhysioFlip" foot exercisers are a great tool to strengthen your foot and lower leg muscles with resistance exercises.
  • Innovative product for strengthening of ankles, wrists and arms
  • Resistance can be individually adjusted using the textile band
  • For rotational exercises up to an angle of approx. 90 degrees
  • Featuring skin-friendly non-slip pads
  • With instructions, integrated handle and levelling feature
Made in Germany

Product description

Pedalo "PhysioFlip" foot trainer – adapt the resistance to suit you
The Pedalo "PhysioFlip" foot trainer allows you to effectively treat your patient’s foot complaints. It is also ideal for use in preventative exercises. Depending on your patient’s level of training, you can adjust the integrated band to vary the resistance. Whether it’s for use while sitting or standing, the foot trainer can be used for targeted hip and knee ab- and adductor training. Particularly practical: in addition to being used for effective foot training, the hand grip allows your patients to also use the trainer for shoulder girdle mobilisation.

Possible uses:
  • Treating foot troubles: flat footedness, hollow foot, foot anomalies, over pronation
  • Treating joint injuries and weak joints
  • Treating knee, calf and shin pain
  • Treating symptoms of biomechanical overloading due to being overweight, pregnant or a performance athlete
  • Treating poor blood circulation
  • Developing and strengthening muscle groups in the arms and legs
  • Maintaining flexibility of the muscles and joints in the feet and lower legs
  • Training the hip and knee rotators as well as the shoulder girdle
  • As an addition to physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • For shoulder abduction and adduction stretches

Product information:
  • Board material: resin coated fibreboard
  • Material of foot/armrests and levelling: beech with cork surface
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 47x40x18 cm
  • Max. load 120 kg
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Board colour: anthracite
The Pedalo "PhysioFlip" foot exercisers – fitness for your feet and lower legs
The Pedalo "PhysioFlip" foot exercisers will allow your patients to strengthen their foot and lower leg muscles. This equipment for your feet is an excellent tool for physiotherapists to build up the arches of their patients’ feet, treat flat feet and overpronation, and correct other imbalances. It is the ideal training equipment for strengthening the knee, hip and foot joints. The "PhysioFlip" is very versatile and can also be used in fall prevention for seniors and post operations, e.g. in sports medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

The Pedalo "PhysioFlip" foot exercisers are a must-have for your practice, so order yourself a set now and see for yourself: they're very effective for your patients' feet, lower legs, knees, hips and shoulders.

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