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Sport-Thieme with little Balls, Free-Standing Bubble Tube

product details
Sport-Thieme with little Balls, Free-Standing Bubble Tube
Sport-Thieme with little Balls, Free-Standing Bubble Tube
Sport-Thieme with little Balls, Free-Standing Bubble Tube
Sport-Thieme with little Balls, Free-Standing Bubble Tube
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The free-standing little balls bubble pillar: watch how the balls rise up and sink back down again. Feel the gentle vibrations of the bubbles.
  • Wonderful relaxing effect
  • Promotes sensory perception
  • With two-tube system

Product description

A mesmerising bubble tube with colourful balls
This bubble tube comes with colourful little balls, travelling upwards within the internal tube, and once they reach the top, they fall over the edge and sink downwards, in the outer tube. Watching the balls float up and down feels very soothing.

Product information
  • Tube diameter: 20 cm
  • Height: 200 cm

Unwind by watching the bubble tube with colourful little balls.
Bubble pillars

Moving water is captivating and fascinating. The blue, green, yellow and red light reflects in the air bubbles, creating a magical play of colours. Bubble pillars meet many needs for all sorts of different uses: for playing with, to stimulate the senses or simply for looking at and relaxing. The noise of the bubbling water is nice to listen to and the slight vibrations can be felt. Annoying pumping noises, on the other hand, are kept to a minimum. The colour changing can be stopped if necessary and the strength of the air bubbles can be adjusted. As a crucial component in Snoezelen® rooms, bubble pillars are a popular starting point for looking at, feeling and investigating. They are a centrepiece and key piece of decor in living rooms.

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