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Pedalo "XL" Bull Run

product details
Pedalo "XL" Bull Run
Pedalo "XL" Bull Run
Pedalo "XL" Bull Run
Pedalo "XL" Bull Run
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  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Product description

Pedalo Marble Run "XL": Creative Indoor and Outdoor Play

The Pedalo Marble Run "XL" is a beautifully crafted toy made from oiled beech wood, designed to bring creativity into play, both indoors and outdoors. Its edges are ingeniously beveled at a 15-degree angle, allowing for smooth curvature in the layout, facilitating an immersive play experience. Children are encouraged to integrate everyday objects from their surroundings to adjust the gradient for the marble's journey. Whether it's a cushion in the living room or a mound of sand in the sandbox, kids can get inventive in overcoming physical challenges. The marbles, also made from wood and sized larger than traditional marbles, descend the track at a slower pace. This deliberate design choice enhances tracking with the eyes, making the playtime not only fun but also visually engaging for children.

Product Details:
  • Material: Oiled beech wood
  • Total length: 420 cm
  • Load capacity: up to 100 kg
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Tracks are beveled at the ends by 15 degrees for easy curvature

Set Components:
  • 8 tracks (L: 300 mm)
  • 8 tracks (L: 150 mm)
  • 8 tracks (L: 75 mm)
  • 4 wooden marbles (ø: 30 mm) made of beech
  • Includes 1 cotton bag (100% cotton) for easy storage and transport

This creative playset not only encourages imaginative play but also challenges children to utilize problem-solving skills, making it a fantastic addition to any toy collection. The thoughtfully designed Pedalo Marble Run "XL" is perfect for providing endless entertainment, fostering creativity, and developing fine motor skills in a fun and engaging way.

Safety information

Long cord. Danger of strangulation.

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Pedalo "XL" Bull Run

4.67 of 5 Stars: Very good

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