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Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat

product details
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
Pedalo "Slide-X 300" Slide Mat
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The Pedalo Slide-X 300 will improve your explosive strength and the speed of your sideways movements. It is a popular product for improved performance in a variety of different sports.
  • Can be used in training for lots of different sports
  • Motion sequences are gentle on the joints
  • Stopper rails can be adjusted to any setting (up to 300 cm)
  • Quick and easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Allows for compact storage
Made in Germany

Product description

The Pedalo Slide-X 300 – easy to use
The Pedalo Slide-X 300 is an excellent product for improving the speed of your sideways movements. Just wear the sliding overshoes included and train your directional changes on the smooth Slide-X surface. Using the Slide-X lubrication, you can change the sliding resistance to suit your needs. The sides feature solid wooden stopper rails to indicate and help you change direction. The rails’ soft pads will prevent you from getting hurt upon impact. The rails are angled and can be adjusted to any level on the track. The Slide-X track’s slip-resistant strips on the underside ensure stability during your drills. Roll up after use and secure with the hook-and-loop strap included.

Product information:
  • Slide-X track dimensions (L×W): 300×75 cm
  • Solid wooden stopper rail with soft impact protection
  • Underside with slip-resistant strips
  • Weight: 8.5 kg

Items included:
  • Adjustable Slide-X track
  • 2 pairs of overshoes: sizes 36–41 and 42–46
  • 1 Slide-X lubrication
Improves your reaction speed, general fitness and coordination skills
Many sports, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis or hockey, require you to change direction quickly. You’ll miss out on opportunities if you’re slow off the mark. Your overall fitness, balance and coordination skills are crucial for quick sideways movements and directional changes. These skills can be improved by training with the Pedalo Slide-X. But the Slide-X is not only great for improving your speed, it can also be used to optimise movement patterns in cross-country skiing, ice skating, tennis, volleyball and basketball or inline skating.

Effective drills for improved sports performance: don’t miss out and buy yourself a Pedalo Slide-X 300 now.

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