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Sport-Thieme "Trainer" Tennis Set

product details
New Set
Sport-Thieme "Trainer" Tennis Set
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Product description

Introducing the Sport-Thieme "Trainer" Tennis Set, a comprehensive package designed to facilitate the training of beginners, children, and teenagers in the art of tennis. This set includes eight Sport-Thieme "Soft Jump" and eight "Soft Fun" methodology tennis balls, each type tailored to meet the specific needs of training sessions. The "Soft Jump" balls feature a 50% reduced pressure, making them softer and lighter than standard tennis balls. This design slows the ball's exit from the racket, allowing players to focus intently on mastering the correct technique. On the other hand, the "Soft Fun" balls are about 25% lighter, serving as an ideal transitional tool from smaller to full-sized courts. Additionally, the set comprises 24 Sport-Thieme "2.0" tennis balls that are compatible with ball throwing machines, enhancing the versatility and utility of the set.

For ease of transport and neat storage of up to 120 tennis balls, the Sport-Thieme "Trainer" Tennis Set also includes the Court Royal Ball Cart "Easy Pack". This cart is made of lightweight aluminum and features a removable ball basket, making it an effortlessly portable and space-saving solution for coaches and trainers alike.

  • Set includes: 8 "Soft Jump" balls, 8 "Soft Fun" balls, and 24 "2.0" tennis balls.
  • Designed for beginners: Ideal for teaching correct tennis techniques.
  • Easy transport and storage: Comes with the Court Royal Ball Cart "Easy Pack" for organized storage.
  • Versatile: "2.0" balls are compatible with ball throwing machines.
  • Convenience: Lightweight and collapsible design for easy handling.

For those looking to elevate their training sessions or beginner tennis programs, the Sport-Thieme "Trainer" Tennis Set stands out as an exceptional choice. Its thoughtful composition ensures a gradual, effective learning curve, while the added convenience of the portable ball cart simplifies setup and cleanup. Discover the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and adaptability with this comprehensive tennis training set.

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