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Cornilleau "Tacteo 50 Duo Pack" Table Tennis Bats and Balls

product details
Cornilleau "Tacteo 50 Duo Pack" Table Tennis Bats and Balls
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W0-623345809 * € 25.20
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  • For use in schools, leisure centres and clubs
  • Waterproof bats with a very long lifespan
  • Shock-proof and impact-resistant bats
  • Concave grip for optimal hold
Tischtennisschläger - F für Fortgeschrittene Tischtennisschläger - O für Outdoor Wasser- / Wetterfest

Product description

Enhance your table tennis sessions with the Cornilleau Table Tennis Bat Set "Tacteo 50 Duo Pack", perfect for regular practice. This comprehensive set comprises two Cornilleau Tacteo table tennis bats and three Cornilleau "Pro" table tennis balls, providing everything you need to elevate your game. Designed with outdoor play in mind, the bats offer exceptional durability. Their high-quality materials and construction ensure they retain their playing characteristics even after frequent use and exposure to various weather conditions. The bats' rubbers are securely attached to the blades, preventing them from peeling off under rigorous play, making them a reliable choice for players of all levels.

Key Features:
  • Durable Construction: Ideal for outdoor use and built to withstand frequent play.
  • High-Quality Materials: Ensures longevity and consistent playability.
  • Secure Bat Rubber: Designed to remain intact, enhancing the bat's durability and performance.
  • Complete Set: Includes two bats and three "Pro" table tennis balls, perfect for practicing.
  • Table Tennis Balls: Made of celluloid, 40 mm in diameter, ideal for training, and white in color.

The Cornilleau "Tacteo 50 Duo Pack" table tennis bat set is a prime choice for enthusiasts and regular players alike, offering durability and high performance. Whether for training or casual play, this set will surely enhance your table tennis experience, thanks to its premium construction and comprehensive features.

Technical Details

Suitable for
Advanced players, Outdoor use
Game strategy
Handle shape
Sponge thickness
Without sponge
24.5x14.5x2 cm
165 g
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