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Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Bat

For accurate shots

product details
Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Bat
Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Bat
Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Bat
Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Bat
Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Bat
Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Bat
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  • An excellent choice for schools, clubs and leisure centres
  • Concave handle for a better grip
Tischtennisschläger - A für Anfänger:innen Tischtennisschläger - F für Fortgeschrittene

Product description

The Sport-Thieme "Midi" Table Tennis Racket: Perfect for Precision Training

The Sport-Thieme "Midi" table tennis racket is specifically designed for precision training, thanks to its significantly reduced dimensions. It features a blade size of 12.5x12.5 cm and an overall length of just 21.5 cm. This compact design requires players to execute their stance and arm movements with precision to achieve optimal contact and control of the ball. When paired with a mini table, the Sport-Thieme "Midi" table tennis racket can also be a great addition to casual play, offering a fun and challenging twist to the traditional game.

  • Specially reduced dimensions for focused precision training: blade size 12.5x12.5 cm, total length 21.5 cm.
  • Enhances players' accuracy with stance and arm movements.
  • Suitable for both precision training and casual "fun sport" sessions when used with a mini table.

This uniquely sized table tennis racket is an ideal choice for coaches and players looking to refine their skills with precision-focused exercises or for those seeking a novel addition to their recreational activities. Its specialized design promotes improved accuracy and control, making it a valuable tool for table tennis enthusiasts and trainers alike.

Technical Details

Suitable for
Advanced players, Beginners
Game strategy
Inverted pimples
Sponge thickness
1.0 mm
Handle shape
21.4x12.6x1 cm
105 g
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