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Sport-Thieme "Extra-White" Line Marking Paint Set

It’s all about the lines

product details
Sport-Thieme "Extra-White" Line Marking Paint Set
Article no. Price (11-piece set) Delivery date Quantity (11-piece set)
W0-622934600 * € 588.23
Leaves warehouse on Fri. 31.05.

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  • Line marking paint for about 30 football pitches
  • Each marking lasts up to 4 weeks

Product description

Sport-Thieme "Extra White" line-marking paint set: the handy refill pack
This set contains 10 canisters of high-quality "Extra White" line-marking paint from Sport-Thieme. Approx. 30 football pitches can be marked using the paint, which dries quickly from temperatures of 5°C. Each marking lasts up to 4 weeks and is characterised by very good coverage and luminosity. Simply fill the eco-friendly paint into a standard marking machine and prepare everything for the next game. What’s more, the set also comes with a Sport-Thieme "CoreX Pro" football. Thanks to its thick PU outer skin, the competition football is particularly robust. The ball boasts outstanding playing characteristics and, due to hybrid technology, is resilient to moisture.
What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Sport-Thieme set of "Extra-White" line marking paint including a Sport-Thieme "CoreX Pro" football now.

Safety information

Warning! Spraying may produce hazardous droplets that can enter the lungs. Do not inhale aerosol or mist.

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