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Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet

Learning made fun

product details
Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet
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Product description

Stepping Up Your Game with the "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racket from Talbot Torro

The "ELI Advanced" badminton racket by Talbot Torro is crafted with innovation at its core, making it an exceptional choice for beginners and newcomers to the sport. Its innovative grip tape is distinguished by color markings, serving as a visual guide for coaches and students to find the optimal grip. Not only does this aid in mastering the correct racket hold, but the racket also feels uncomfortable in the hand when held improperly, quickly teaching novices the feel of the right grip. Weighing in at 100 g, the racket boasts an isometric head shape which greatly enhances the forgiveness of play, making every game more enjoyable. Constructed of hardened steel and lightweight aluminum, the "ELI Advanced" racket is not only durable but ideally suited for use in educational settings and sports clubs alike.

  • Color-coded grip tape provides visual guidance for correct holding technique
  • Uncomfortable feel with incorrect grip encourages quick learning
  • Isometric head shape increases forgiveness in play
  • Weighs 100 g for optimal control and maneuverability
  • Constructed from durable hardened steel and lightweight aluminum
  • Perfect for educational and club use due to its robust design

Selecting the "ELI Advanced" badminton racket by Talbot Torro is a smart choice for those looking to improve their game. Its unique features make it a valuable teaching aid in schools and sports clubs, enhancing the learning experience for beginners and fostering a deeper appreciation for the sport.

Technical Details

Club, School
Suitable for
Learner's racquet for children
Material handle
String Tension
7 kg
66.5 cm
100 g
Head shape
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Talbot Torro "ELI Advanced" Badminton Racquet

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Bought on: 8 September 2021