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Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651 C4" Badminton Racquet

product details
Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651 C4" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651 C4" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651 C4" Badminton Racquet
Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651 C4" Badminton Racquet
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  • An excellent choice for beginners and advanced players alike
  • Longer shaft for greater power
  • Mid-stiff shaft for controlled all-round play

Product description

Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651.8" badminton racquet: the all-rounder for all game systems
The Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651.8" badminton racquet is a great all-round racquet with excellent handling. It is made of high-modulus graphite and has a moderately stiff shaft suitable for all game systems. The shaft is 1-cm longer than a standard racquet and thereby provides a greater return effect for maximum acceleration. What’s more, the Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651.8" badminton racquet has a smaller shaft diameter, making it lighter and offering greater flexibility.

Product information:
  • Material: high-modulus graphite
  • Head shape: ISO Plus
  • Stringing: multifilament Galaxy
  • Length: 68 cm
  • Weight: 91 g

  • Two-piece racquet: The shaft and frame have been made in two separate high-tech production processes. This guarantees accurate control of all parameters.
  • Carbon4 material: High-modulus 30t graphite
  • Air Flex: The Talbot-Torro Air Flex cap is a soft PU insert positioned between the grip and the shaft, which allows the shaft to be positioned flexibly within the grip. This increases the overall flexibility and provides even more power with each shot.
  • Power waves: Arches on the outside of the frame minimise friction, which puts less strain on the stringing. This creates a more elastic string bed and provides greater transfer of energy due to an increased trampoline effect and maximises the acceleration of shuttles by approximately 5%.
  • Long shaft: A special 1-cm longer shaft gives the racquet a greater levering effect and therefore more power. The result is powerful, fast shots.
  • Mid balanced: The balance has been shifted to the middle of the racquet for excellent playing characteristics.
  • Slim shaft: A narrower shaft with an approximately 0.5-mm reduced diameter for a super-lightweight racquet, reduced air resistance and a high level of flexibility. The result? Excellent handling and increased shuttle acceleration.
Featuring a slightly longer shaft, the racquet can deliver powerful and fast shots. So, don’t miss out, and order the Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651.8" badminton racquet now.

Technical Details

Club, Leisure
Head shape
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Talbot Torro "Isoforce 651 C4" Badminton Racquet

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Bought on: 18 April 2022