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SmarTracks "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full" Timing Gates

product details
SmarTracks "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full" Timing Gates
SmarTracks "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full" Timing Gates
SmarTracks "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full" Timing Gates
SmarTracks "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full" Timing Gates
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  • Can be used with other SmarTracks products
  • Smart tool for professional performance diagnostics
  • Perfect for carrying out standard agility tests
  • Easy to use, comes with practical carry case
Made in Germany

Product description

The SmarTracks Timing System Set "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full": Essential for Coaches and Professional Athletes
The SmarTracks Timing System Set "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full" is an essential tool for professional performance diagnostics, tailored to meet the needs of athletes across various sports disciplines. Utilizing the sophisticated SmarTracks software, this system allows for comprehensive measurement of key performance indicators including, but not limited to, running and split times, distances covered, step frequency, step count, stride length, and speed. Offering versatile assessments, it's perfectly suited not only for track and field events such as sprints, middle and long-distance runs, hurdles, relays, and long jumps but is also highly effective for team sports including football, American football, volleyball, and hockey.

How It Works
At the heart of this diagnostic system is sensor technology incorporated into a textile belt that athletes wear without compromising their range of motion. Alongside this, the kit includes diagnostic software and portable magnetic gates. The sensor records movement data and the crossing of magnetic gates, which can then be analyzed and visualized using the software. Here’s a quick overview of the process:
1. Set up the magnetic gates at the start and end points, as well as any desired intermediate distances.
2. Initiate the SmarTracks diagnostic software and activate the sensor by connecting it to a computer.
3. Wear the sensor belt and proceed with the planned tests.
4. Reconnect the sensor to the computer to view all test results in the SmarTracks Diagnostics software.

Key Measures at a Glance:
  • Running analysis including detail on running times to 1/100th of a second, split times, distance covered, step frequency, number of steps, stride length, and speed
  • Sprint tests
  • Cooper Test
  • Agility tests (Illinois Agility Test, Three Cone Drill, 5-10-5 Shuttle, Arrowhead Agility Test, Custom Agility Test)
  • Jump tests (Squat Jump, Drop Jump, Countermovement Jump)
  • Tapping test

Included in the Set:
  • SmarTracks belt MB60 with DX5.0 sensor
  • SmarTracks Diagnostics Windows-PC Software (full version)
  • 4 portable magnetic timing gates (8 MCD250 + 8 Cones + 2 Angle Adjusters)
  • 1 tape measure
  • USB 2.0 A extension cable (2 m)
  • 1 SmarTracks Diagnostics Mobile transport case
Additional Details:
  • Weight: approx. 12 kg

Discover how the SmarTracks Timing System Set "Diagnostics Mobile Kit - Full" can revolutionize the way you measure and analyze athletic performance. Its comprehensiveness and ease of use make it an invaluable asset for enhancing sports training and evaluation.


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