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Malmsten "Lane Line Slider" Lane Line Slider

Protects swimming lines and the edge of the pool

product details
Malmsten "Lane Line Slider" Lane Line Slider
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W0-622450302 * € 285.71
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The Malmsten "Lane Slider" offers great assistance for setting up and putting away your Competitor competition swimming lines. The lines slip over the slider when being unrolled and rolled up without getting caught on the edge of the pool – quicker and more gentle on the material.
  • Allows lines to glide smoothly in and out of the pool like a swimming line slide
  • Set up and put away Competitor swimming lines quickly, easily and in a way that does not damage the material
Made in EU

Product description

The Malmsten "Lane Slider" – the aid for use with Competitor swimming lines
This clever invention is a great help for unrolling and rolling up your swimming lines. Simply place the "Lane Slider" on the edge of the pool – a rubber edge protects the pool and provides a good grip – guide the line over the slide and then put it away again afterwards. As the slide lies over the edge of the pool in an "L" shape, the line's floats can no longer hook onto the edge of the pool. One person alone can unroll and roll up the lines smoothly; no need for a second person to untangle the twisted lines. This makes setting up and putting away swimming lanes not only quicker and easier, but also more gentle on the material – neither the edge of the pool nor the swimming lines can become damaged by transferring the lines from the reel to the pool and vice versa. Whether you are preparing a swimming pool for a competition or need to return the pool to its normal state afterwards, you will quickly discover you can't do without the Malmsten "Lane Slider", particularly when there are several different swimming lanes or when the lines are moved regularly.

More information on the Malmsten "Lane Slider" for unrolling and rolling up swimming lines
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 62x38x44 cm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Material: fibreglass-reinforced polyester with rubber edges

Get your hands on the little helper that makes it quicker to set up and put away Competitor competition swimming lines and makes the lines and the edge of the pool last longer – the Malmsten "Lane Slider"!

Technical Details

Area of use
Outdoor pool, Swimmer's pool
62x38x44 cm
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