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Restube "Active" Swim Buoy

product details
Restube "Active" Swim Buoy
Restube "Active" Swim Buoy
Restube "Active" Swim Buoy
Restube "Active" Swim Buoy
Restube "Active" Swim Buoy
Restube "Active" Swim Buoy
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Made in Germany

Product description

Restube "Active" Rescue Buoy: Your Essential Water Safety Companion
The Restube "Active" Rescue Buoy is essential for anyone engaging in water activities, offering an added layer of safety with ease. Housed in a compact bag, this inflatable buoy can be worn both vertically and horizontally, thanks to a versatile, interchangeable waist belt. It also features a built-in key pocket for safekeeping your keys while you enjoy your water adventures. In case of an emergency, a simple pull on the trigger instantly inflates the buoy, keeping you afloat and making you visible with its striking color. This ensures that help is noticeable from a distance. Plus, a secure leash keeps the buoy tethered to you at all times, ensuring it's always within reach when you need it the most.

Product Details:
  • Buoy Length: 70 cm
  • Buoyancy: Up to 7.5 kg (using a 16 g CO2 cartridge)
  • Bag Color: Icemint

This is a must-have safety gear for swimmers, surfers, and all water sports enthusiasts, providing peace of mind and enhanced protection in any aquatic scenario. Its compact design and easy-to-use features make it a practical addition to your water sports gear.

  • Compact and easily portable design fits in a small bag
  • Interchangeable waist belt allows for vertical or horizontal wear
  • Built-in key pocket for secure key storage
  • Instant inflation with a simple pull on the trigger for emergency buoyancy
  • Vivid color increases visibility in water

This rescue buoy is a critical piece of equipment for anyone spending time in the water, combining convenience with life-saving functionality. Its buoyant support and high-visibility color enhance safety during water-based activities, making it an integral part of aquatic sports equipment.

Technical Details

Product type
Life buoy
210 g
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