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Union "The Narrows 20" Water Park Inflatable

product details
Union "The Narrows 20" Water Park Inflatable
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Product description

Union Event Module "The Narrows 20": Featuring Two Levels of Difficulty
The Union Event Module "The Narrows 20" introduces a dynamic challenge with its two levels of difficulty, designed to cater to a range of skills and encourage progression in each course round. One side presents a sleek wall equipped with a balance feature, while the opposite side is enhanced with additional grips for more complex maneuvers. This versatility makes it an outstanding addition to any water-based obstacle course, encouraging users to elevate their skills with every try. Crafted from high-grade 0.9 mm thick PVC with a surface weight of approximately 1,100 g/m², "The Narrows 20" stands out for its durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for deployment in lakes, seas, and public pools.

Important Notice
Please note that the Union Event Module "The Narrows 20" is not intended for solitary use since it does not facilitate ascending from the water independently. It is recommended to pair this module with an ascent platform, such as the Union Neptune's Steps "Aqua Blue", for a complete and functional setup.

Package Contents:
  • Number of anchors: 2
  • Union Event Module "The Narrows 20"
  • Repair kit
  • Assembly instructions

This innovative module enhances water-based obstacle courses while ensuring safety and durability. With "The Narrows 20", facilitators can offer a challenging yet enjoyable experience, tailored to suit a broad spectrum of abilities, thereby promoting skill advancement in an engaging manner. Consider adding this versatile and robust event module to elevate the aquatic adventure at your facility.

Technical Details

Lake or sea
0.9 mm PVC
6.10x3.05x2.59 m
158 kg
Minimum water depth
2.20 m
Max. Number of users

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.


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