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Aqualining Set

The game of balance

product details
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
Aqualining Set
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The Aqualining set is all about the trendy sport of slacklining. The modern sport provides 100% pool fun!
  • Ideally suited for all indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Suitable for events, attracts visitors
  • Extremely resilient – max. load 4 tonnes
Made in Germany

Product description

Compared to a tightly-stretched and therefore little-moving rope used by tightrope walkers, the Slackline is considerably more dynamic and requires a high level of balance and coordination. Walking on the narrow band is balancing fun for the whole family and at first glance, looks easier than it actually is. Because whoever loses in this game of balance, inevitably ends up in the water! With a bit of practice you can stay dry and balance your way to the other end of the pool. Experts will be able to jump and do other tricks on the slackline and will soon attract bystanders at the side.

The trendy sport of slacklining has only been used in the pool area for a short time. In addition to guidelines for the pool industry and other regulations, such as the stainless steel guidelines, attaching a slackline at a pool is subject to DIN 79400 The anchoring points for example must meet specific assembly requirements and be approved by the manufacturer. All existing elements the pool area to which a slackline could be attached are therefore not suitable as they are not approved and do not have the required tensile strength or pull-out resistance respectively. Pool ladders, steps, hand-rails, starting blocks or similar are not made for and not suitable for attaching a slackline in the pool. The DIN norm relates to slackline systems fitted at diving height The norm details terminology, safety requirements for the materials and all components incl. the mounting, the maximum load, the installation, the testing process, the labelling and the instruction for use.

  • Pool width: up to 21 m
  • Water depth: min. 1.25 m
  • Clearance: min 3 m to the left and right of the slackline

Seek advice and ask about individual offers regarding professional installation.

The slackline for water use - the Aqualining Set

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.


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