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Beco "SharkBike Compact" Aqua Exercise Bike

The exercise bike for cycling in the water

product details
Beco "SharkBike Compact" Aqua Exercise Bike
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The Beco "SharkBike Compact" is the trusty aqua cycling bike now in a new size. The smaller version of the "SharkBike" can be used in water as shallow as 115 cm. Thanks to the bike’s low entry point, people with limited mobility can also train with ease on the aqua bike.
  • Very high-quality aqua cycling bike for training in the water
  • Low entry point, ideal for people with disabilities
  • Cycling in water for joint-friendly, effective full-body training
  • Versatile: for cardio, stamina, fitness, rehabilitation, physio, weight loss and much more
Made in EU

Product description

The Beco "SharkBike Compact" – smaller, lighter and with consistent resistance
The "SharkBike Compact" from Beco is ideal for all aqua cycling enthusiasts – for anything from fitness to rehabilitation and therapy to work with obese people. Just like its big brother the "SharkBike", the "SharkBike Compact" has an extremely robust, rust-proof stainless steel frame, is suitable for use in chlorinated and heated pools and has numerous adjustment settings for both the saddle and handlebars. The aqua bike also comes with castors for ease of transport as well as suction cups to provide stability in the pool. In comparison to the larger "SharkBike", the "SharkBike Compact" benefits from having a minimum water depth of just 115 cm and a lower entry point, which makes it easier for people with limited mobility to use. What’s more, the "SharkBike Compact" features a pre-set, non-adjustable medium resistance level. The consistent level of resistance means that users no longer have to worry about adjusting the resistance and can get straight to training – perfect for use in classes!

Technical information:
  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH): 133x65x145 cm
There should be enough space to the sides of each bike to allow the user to extend their arms.
There should be enough space behind each bike to allow the user to still be able to reach the pedals when laying behind the saddle.
  • Weight: approx. 20 kg
  • Max. load: 120 kg
  • Can be used in chlorinated and heated water
  • For use in shallow and deeper water (115-160 cm)
  • Frame material: rust-proof stainless steel
  • Resistance plate material: Plexiglas
  • Pedal material: PVC
  • Pedals with foot loops
  • Saddle and handlebars can be adjusted in several ways
  • With castors and 4 suction cups
  • Resistance: medium, consistent
Aqua cycling with the "SharkBike Compact"
The aqua fitness concept of ‘aqua cycling’ shifts indoor cycling from the gym to the swimming pool. Thanks to the effect of the water, the workout – which is already very effective for the heart and circulation when performed on land – is made even more intensive and beneficial. One example is the massaging effect. Pedalling gets the water surrounding the body moving. In doing so, the water massages the thighs and glutes and thereby improves the flow of blood to the muscles, connective tissues and skin. In water, the movements themselves also become more effective. Due to the high level of water resistance, you burn three times as many calories while aqua cycling as you would doing a comparable exercise on land. And by adding aqua dumbbells, you can benefit from an incredibly effective full-body workout. Water also provides ‘gentle’ resistance, resulting in slower, smooth and joint-friendly movements, and – despite the increased efficiency – means you feel less strain on your joints while training. This makes it ideal for rehabilitation following injuries or operations as well as for obese patients. Regardless of whether it’s for aqua fitness enthusiasts on training courses, for personal training, for competitive athletes, for rehabilitation and physiotherapy or for losing weight – aqua cycling is a fun and effective aqua fitness concept!

You can sign up for a SharkBike trial using the application form in the PDF section below.

An ingenious addition to aqua fitness courses for any swimming pool – the Beco "SharkBike Compact"!

Technical Details

For use in
Aqua cycling, Aqua fitness
Water depth
Deep water, Shallow water
Resistance settings
Fixed medium resistance
Frame material
Rustproof stainless steel
Assembled dimensions
133x65x145 m
20 kg
Max. load
120 kg

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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