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Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline

product details
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
Gibbon "Jibline Treewear" Slackline
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  • Certified by TÜV Süd

Product description

Introducing the Gibbon Slackline "Jibline Treewear", an all-encompassing kit designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners of jump and tricklining. This remarkable set facilitates setting up your line between trees or other sturdy anchor points with ease and comfort, thanks to the ergonomic ratchet handle. The non-slip printing offers added grip for practitioners at any level, enhancing stability during moves. Moreover, the special flat webbing not only increases grip but also delivers an exceptional trampoline effect, allowing athletes to propel themselves higher into the air while executing their tricks.

Included in the package are the essential components needed to get started:
  • One trick or jump line
  • One classic ratchet with locking mechanism
  • One ratchet band
  • Two Treewears for tree and ratchet protection
  • A comprehensive setup guide

Crafted for enthusiasts seeking to elevate their tricklining experience, the Gibbon Slackline "Jibline Treewear" stands out with its user-friendly features and robust design. Its unique webbing and ergonomic ratchet system cater to a wide range of skills, making it a preferred choice for aspiring and seasoned slackliners alike. Its addition of Treewears ensures the protection of both, the slackline and the environment, making it an all-around excellent product for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Optimized for active use, the Gibbon Slackline "Jibline Treewear" is tailored for those looking to push their limits in jump and tricklining. With its enhanced grip and trampoline effect, it is perfect for honing skills and executing awe-inspiring tricks securely.

Technical Details

Length slackline-band
12.5 m
Wide Slackline Band
5 cm
Length ratchet strap
2.5 m
Scope of delivery
2 treewears, Instructions, R, Ratchet strap


certificate number approved by valid for
Z1A_064713_0006 TÜV SÜD 3076301



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