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Schildkröt "Sport Kite 1.6" Foil Kite

product details
Schildkröt "Sport Kite 1.6" Foil Kite
Schildkröt "Sport Kite 1.6" Foil Kite
Schildkröt "Sport Kite 1.6" Foil Kite
Schildkröt "Sport Kite 1.6" Foil Kite
Schildkröt "Sport Kite 1.6" Foil Kite
Schildkröt "Sport Kite 1.6" Foil Kite
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Product description

Schildkröt Sport Kite 1.6: A Versatile Choice for Beginners and Experts

The Schildkröt Sport Kite 1.6 breaks away from traditional designs by eschewing rods and emulating the structure of a paraglider. As a 2-liner kite, it stands out for its ease of assembly and usability, presenting stable flight characteristics that appeal to flyers of all skill levels. Constructed from lightweight Ripstop polyester, this kite not only withstands the common crashes novices might encounter but also manages to maintain its integrity and performance. Measuring 160x65 cm, the Sport Kite 1.6 harnesses ample pull in suitable wind conditions, enhancing the overall kite flying experience with the potential for exhilarating speeds and tricks. To ensure maximum control and the execution of advanced maneuvers, it comes equipped with two durable polyester lines attached to comfortable hand loops. Optimally flown in wind speeds of 6-49 km/h or 2-6 Bft, it delivers a blend of fun and challenge that both beginners and seasoned flyers can appreciate.

Important Usage Notes:
To guarantee safety and the enjoyment of flying the Schildkröt Sport Kite 1.6, please avoid using it near high voltage power lines, during thunderstorms, close to air traffic zones, or heavily trafficked roads.

Key Features:
  • Material: Ripstop Polyester
  • Kite dimensions: 160x65 cm
  • Line lengths: 2 x 25 m, with a strength of 25 kp

Experience the joy of kite flying with the Schildkröt Sport Kite 1.6, ideal for individuals seeking a durable, easy-to-handle kite that performs exceptionally in a wide range of wind conditions. This versatile kite is a tribute to innovative design, supporting both beginners in learning the ropes and enabling experts to showcase their skills through advanced tricks—making it a must-have for enthusiasts and professional flyers alike.

Safety information

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Long cord. Danger of strangulation.

To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

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