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Pack of 3 Pairs of Pot Stilts

Three pairs of pot stilts for a wealth of different balance exercises

product details
Pack of 3 Pairs of Pot Stilts
Pack of 3 Pairs of Pot Stilts
Pack of 3 Pairs of Pot Stilts
Pack of 3 Pairs of Pot Stilts
Pack of 3 Pairs of Pot Stilts
Pack of 3 Pairs of Pot Stilts
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  • An excellent choice for nurseries and activity centres
  • Ropes can easily be adjusted to suit the child

Product description

Weplay Stilts Set "Walking Stones" – Durable and Ingeniously Simple

The "Walking Stones" Stilts Set from Weplay comprises three pairs of stilts made from sturdy plastic, designed for both children and adults with a playful spirit. These versatile stilts feature a rubber band that runs around them, ensuring a firm grip whether you're using them as stilts for walking or as balance stones. This innovative design allows users of all ages to improve their balance and coordination in a fun and engaging way.

Easy Adjustment of the Rope Length

On the side of each "Walking Stone," there's a continuous opening through which the rope of the stilts is threaded. The holding grip on the rope is easily adjustable: simply unscrew it to access and untie the knot inside, allowing you to adjust the length of the rope as needed. After finding the perfect length, secure it with a knot, and screw the grip back into place. That's all there is to it.

Using the Stilts as Balance Stones

To use the stilts as balance stones, simply untie the knot and remove the rope entirely. In no time at all, you transform the stilt into a balance stone, offering another dimension of play and exercise.

Product Details:
  • Material: PE Plastic, Rubber
  • Dimensions of each stilt (LxWxH): 16x10.5x8 cm
  • Weight capacity: up to 60 kg
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

This intelligent and multifunctional Weplay "Walking Stones" Stilts Set not only encourages active play but also aids in the development of balance and coordination. Its straightforward design and adjustability ensure it is a hit for a wide range of activities, making it a perfect choice for educational and therapy settings, as well as home playrooms.

With its durable build and adaptable functionality, the Weplay "Walking Stones" Stilts Set stands out as an essential tool for fostering physical development and balance skills, ensuring endless hours of fun and learning.

Safety information

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Long cord. Danger of strangulation.

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