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PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp

product details
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
PE-Redskaber "Nemo" Minitramp
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Product description

The PE-Redskaber Minitramp "Nemo" is an innovative mini trampoline designed with children and teenagers in mind, offering a unique blend of fun and safety. Its adaptable frame structure allows for three distinct positioning settings, enabling users to find the perfect bounce height that suits their skill level. Beginners, especially the youngest gymnasts, can enjoy a lower setting for safer, more controlled jumps. As their confidence and technique improve, the trampoline's height can easily be adjusted to challenge them further. The versatility continues with adjustable legs that alter the trampoline's height, featuring a standard set-up of 32 springs which can be modified to 28 or 24, tailoring the bounce to the user's preference. Additionally, the horizontal setting transforms it into a "Mini" large trampoline, opening up even more possibilities for energetic play and exercise.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Nemo Trampoline prioritizes safety without compromising on performance. It comes with a 13-mm-thick nylon jumping bed for a soft yet dynamic bounce, while the fully-covered, 35-mm-thick frame padding and four anti-slip feet ensure maximum safety during use. The trampoline's design minimizes the risk of injury, making it a worry-free option for physical education and training. For added convenience, three transport wheels facilitate easy movement, allowing for quick assembly and storage.

  • Three frame settings and four height adjustments make it accessible and safe for toddlers, children, and teens.
  • Frame can be lowered to near ground level, making it easier for young kids to get on and off the trampoline.
  • Equipped with 32 springs to optimize bounce and assist in learning proper jumping techniques.
  • Movable, slip-resistant feet allow for the creation of various training setups.
  • Feet can be placed on a box top, enabling a completely horizontal positioning for varied exercises.
  • Comprehensive edge padding enhances safety around the entire trampoline perimeter.
  • Side-mounted wheels ensure effortless transport, quick setup, and breakdown.
  • Folds completely without tools for space-saving storage.

This superior mini trampoline is a fantastic choice for encouraging active play, improving gymnastic skills, and ensuring safety. With its adjustable settings and high-quality construction, the PE-Redskaber Minitramp "Nemo" provides a versatile, safe, and exciting option for young athletes and casual users alike, making physical activity enjoyable and accessible.

Technical Details

Target group
Club sport, School sports
Trampoline bed material
13-mm nylon strands
Outer frame dimensions
124x124 cm
Frame design
Equipment height
50-75 cm
62 kg

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