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Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set

product details
New Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "XL" Parkour Set
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W0-623241149 * € 28906.72
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  • Modules can be continually expanded
  • Highly engaging
  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Produced in compliance with DIN 913

Product description

The Cube Sports Parkour Set "XL" is an exceptionally versatile training equipment set, designed to revolutionize indoor physical education and sport training environments. This comprehensive set allows for endless combination possibilities, promoting balance, agility, climbing, and jumping activities. Thanks to its patented plug system and included multi-adapters, setting up complex movement landscapes and challenging parkour courses in gymnasiums is both fast and secure. Merge traditional physical education with the dynamic disciplines of freerunning and parkour to create an engaging and educational experience suitable for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

Our recommendation: Enhance your parkour and freerunning sessions with the versatile Booster Board, perfect for one-legged jumps. Consider acquiring it alongside this set for a complete training solution.

  • 1 Cube Sports Multifunctional Training Wall "Wall"
  • 2 Cube Sports Parkour Cubes, 125x125x200 cm
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Cube, 125x125x160 cm
  • 2 Cube Sports Parkour Boxes, 145x75x100 cm
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Box, 145x75x60 cm
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Base, 85x75x60 cm
  • 3 Cube Sports Parkour Beams
  • 3 Additional movable supports
  • 4 Cube Sports Parkour Steel Bars
  • 3 Cube Sports Parkour Multi-Adapters
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Climbing Net
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Gymnastic Ladder
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Inclined Wall, 100x210 cm
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Inclined Wall, 100x170 cm
  • 1 Cube Sports Parkour Railing
Product Details:
  • Durable birch plywood and stainless steel materials ensure longevity and safety
  • Modular design for easy, customizable setup
  • Indoor use, catering to all ages and skill levels
  • Maximum load capacity of 150 kg per element, accommodating diverse training needs

This Parkour Set "XL" serves as a comprehensive solution for enriching your sports facility or educational institution with engaging, physically challenging activities. The expertly crafted components, combining durability and versatility, mark this set as ideal for fostering an environment where agility, strength, and body coordination are developed in a fun and safe manner.

Technical Details

Area of application
Club, School
Multiplex birch
Area of use
Max. Load capacity
150 kg
Age recommendation
from 3 years

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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