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Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat

product details
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
Sport-Thieme "Pyramide" Crash Mat
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  • Complies with DIN EN 12503-1 type 7
  • Particularly stable surface thanks to single-section foam core
  • Durable cover with non-slip underside
Made in EU

Product description

Introducing the Sport-Thieme "Pyramid" Soft Floor Mat: a unique piece that is indispensable for children's, school, and club sports. Serving as a vital component in climbing courses and movement landscapes, its innovative shape enhances any physical education setting. The mat's core, made from high-quality, elastic special foam, not only provides stability during climbing and jumping activities but also ensures maximum safety for exuberant play. Encased in a durable and soft tarpaulin fabric on the top side, the mat offers enduring performance. The bottom side features a dimpled gymnastics mat fabric that reliably prevents slipping, making it a secure base for all activities.

Product Details:
  • The foam core is pre-encased in the cover for convenience
  • Cover features a zipper and ventilation holes for easy maintenance
  • Transportation is made effortless thanks to four blue carrying loops
  • Hypoallergenic information: latex-free, making it suitable for all users

This Sport-Thieme "Pyramid" Soft Floor Mat is a standout choice for those looking to enrich their sports and physical education programs with a piece that bridges the gap between fun and safety. Its robust make, coupled with a design that minimizes slipping hazards, ensures it's a valuable addition to any movement landscape. Perfect for everyone, from young children to athletes, this hypoallergenic mat is designed to support a wide variety of sports and activities, ensuring comprehensive appeal.

Technical Details

Area of use
Club, Nurseries, Schools
Material top profile
Tarpaulin fabric (100% polyester)
Material core
PU foam
Material underside
Nubby gymnastic mat fabric (100% polyester)
Carry handles

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
  • As the product will be delivered fully assembled and ready for use, on-site assembly will not be required.
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