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Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat

Very easy to store

product details
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat
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W0-622969406 * € 117.64
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from 10 each € 109.24
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  • A folding mini mat that’s easy to store
  • With a zip at either end
  • A perfect mat for warm-ups
  • An excellent choice for children’s gymnastics
Made in EU

Product description

The Sport-Thieme Mini Folding Mat "Warm-Up": Ensuring Safe Gymnastics Sessions

The Sport-Thieme Mini Folding Mat "Warm-Up" stands out for its compact size and lightweight design, making it an excellent choice for any gymnastics or exercise setting that requires flexibility and ease of use. With four foldable sections, this mat is effortlessly portable and can be easily stored away, making it ideal for use in kindergartens, children's gymnastics, or any space where quick set-up and storage are key. The underside of the mat is equipped with a stippled Polygrip surface, ensuring exceptional anti-slip properties for a safe and secure grip during gymnastic routines.

  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability and storage
  • Four foldable sections for versatile configurations
  • Stippled Polygrip underside for enhanced safety and grip
  • Ideal for kindergartens, children's gymnastics, and flexible exercise spaces

For those seeking a reliable and user-friendly gymnastics mat, the Sport-Thieme Mini Folding Mat "Warm-Up" is an exceptional choice. Its thoughtful design combines functionality with safety, making every gymnastics session more secure and enjoyable. This highly versatile mat is a must-have for environments where ease of use and safety are paramount.

Technical Details

Length of mat
1.60 m
Width of mat
60 cm
Thickness of mat
30 mm
2.5 kg
Product rating 1

Sport-Thieme "Warm-Up" Folding Mat

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Sehr gute Matte mit mäßigem Service Die Matte selbst ist top. Sie lässt sich zusammenfalten, um sie so einfach verstauen zu können. Die Dicke der Matte ist auch gut, bei Bedarf kann mann die Matte quasi als 2x2-Variante zusammenfalten. Leider war die Lieferung jedoch verspätet. Laut Angabe auf der Internetseite sollte sie nach 1-2 Tagen ankommen. Die Lieferung erfolgte jedoch erst nach ca. 1 Woche. Daher bitte entweder die angegebenen Lieferzeiten einhalten oder aber einen längeren Lieferzeitraum angeben. So wie geschehen war es nicht optimal, was allerdings nichts an der sehr guten Qualität der Matte ändert.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 16 August 2021