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Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars

product details
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
Sport-Thieme "Long" Handstand Bars
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  • Perfect for learning exercises performed on bars
  • Suitable for parallel and uneven bars
  • Learn to perform press-ups and handstands with safe hand positioning
Eigene Entwicklung Hauseigene Fertigung Sport-Thieme Made in Germany

Product description

The Sport-Thieme Long Handstand Training Bars: Ensuring Optimal Grip with Rounded Corners

The Sport-Thieme Long Handstand Training Bars are a valuable addition to any training regimen, expertly crafted from durable birch plywood with handles made from specialized laminated wood for extended longevity. The slightly rounded corners not only ensure safety but also guarantee a stable placement on any surface. These features make the training bars an essential tool for athletes at any level, providing a reliable and sturdy base for handstand exercises.

Ideal for Beginners and Advanced Gymnasts Alike

Designed with ergonomically shaped handles, the bars allow for the effective and safe strengthening of core, shoulder, triceps, and chest muscles. Beginners, in particular, will find the bars beneficial as they facilitate the development of proper posture, significantly easing the transition to parallel and uneven bars. The versatility and design of the Sport-Thieme Long Handstand Training Bars make them suitable for athletes looking to enhance their gymnastic skills, from basic balance to advanced routines.

  • Durable birch plywood construction for long-lasting use
  • Special laminated wood handles for a secure grip
  • Slightly rounded corners for enhanced safety and stability
  • Ideal for both beginners and advanced gymnasts

This training equipment is indispensable for gymnasts seeking to improve their handstand technique and overall upper body strength. The Sport-Thieme Long Handstand Training Bars stand out for their durability, safety features, and utility across various skill levels, making them a top choice for dedicated athletes and coaches.

Technical Details

Area of use
Club, School, Training
Age recommendation
from 6 years
Birch plywood, Special plywood



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