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Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam

product details
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam
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  • Makes it easier to move on to higher competition balance beams
  • Made from softwood
  • Certified by TÜV Austria
10 -year guarantee
Eigene Entwicklung NTB Landesturnschule Melle TÜV Austria GS

Product description

The Sport-Thieme "Switch" Training Balance Beam: A Prime Choice for Young Gymnasts
The Sport-Thieme "Switch" training balance beam stands out as a superb choice for children's gymnastics, school sports, and club activities. One of its exceptional features is the capability to adjust swiftly to three different heights. This flexibility allows athletes to approach the sport and its challenges in a playful manner. The adjustable legs not only accommodate the growing confidence and skill level of the athletes but also ensure the beam evolves with their need for increased challenges. For added safety, the needle felt cover provides a non-slip surface, while the anti-slip feet ensure stability during use.

Creating a Comfortable Training Experience
With a width of 10 cm, the beam enables a fear-free training atmosphere. Its adjustable height makes mastering new gymnastic elements easier compared to traditional balance beams. Moreover, the low-ground training enhances the children's confidence and the precision of their gymnastic maneuvers. Additionally, the Sport-Thieme "Switch" training balance beam facilitates a smooth transition to higher competitive balance beams.

Effortless and Secure Height Adjustment
The height of the Sport-Thieme "Switch" training balance beam can be modified to 35, 40, and 45 cm by adjusting the legs. The height adjustment is effortlessly done using a wing screw, and the internal tube is marked for easy alignment. All necessary assembly materials for securing the rubber foot to the beam are included.

Product Details:
  • Beam Material: Spruce (Laminated wood)
  • Cover Color: Beige

This well-designed training balance beam is an excellent addition to any gymnastics training program, promoting skill development in a safe and adjustable setting. Its thoughtful features and construction make it exceptionally suited for young gymnasts looking to improve their balance and technique.

Technical Details

Area of application
Target group
Club, School
Beam material
Cover material
Material feet
Metal, Rubber
300x10x20 cm
Installation dimensions
300x45x20 cm
Walking surface width
10 cm
Height adjustability
35 bis 45 cm
29 kg

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Sport-Thieme "Switch" Practice Balance Beam

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Bought on: 11 January 2023