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Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard

Stylish and practical

product details
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard
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  • Can be used on its own or combined with other air tracks
  • Easy to transport
  • Stackable
  • Space-saving storage
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
5 -year guarantee

Product description

The Sport-Thieme AirTrack AirBoard "Carbon": A Springboard Alternative

Introducing the Sport-Thieme AirTrack AirBoard "Carbon" – your dynamic addition to AirTrack routines, enabling a spectrum of new exercises. Whether used as a standalone unit or in combination with the AirFloor, this 100 cm long air-filled board stands as an excellent springboard alternative. Its completely smooth surface is designed to facilitate optimal execution of jumps and sequences, enhancing practice sessions. The Sport-Thieme AirBoard "Carbon" promotes efficient takeoffs and gentle landings, effectively reducing the strain on ankles. This feature is especially beneficial for beginners, offering them increased safety and confidence during their training. Each Sport-Thieme AirTrack AirBoard "Carbon" comes with a five-year warranty, ensuring quality and performance. Additionally, a foot pump is included with the purchase for convenience.

  • Dimension: 100 cm in length, designed for optimal integration with AirTrack systems.
  • Surface: Completely smooth for flawless execution of jumps and sequences.
  • Safety: Enhances takeoffs and softens landings to reduce ankle strain, offering a safer alternative for beginners.
  • Durability: Comes with a five-year warranty, testifying to its quality and durability.
  • Convenience: Includes a foot pump for easy inflation.

Discover the Sport-Thieme AirTrack AirBoard "Carbon" – your innovative solution for a safer and more versatile training environment. This air-filled cushion not only advances training techniques but also prioritizes participant safety, making it an ideal choice for gymnasts and athletes seeking to enhance their routines.

Technical Details

Area of use
Target group
Club, School
Suitable for
Recommended age
six years and over
100 cm
60 cm
10 cm
2 kg



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Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBoard

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Air Track AirBoard Mein Sohn hat viel Freude und Spass mit dem AirBoard und soweit ich das beurteilen kann ist die Qualität sehr gut. Top Produkt!

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  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 5 August 2022