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Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock

Innovative mat for innovative training

product details
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock
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  • Level of inflation can be adjusted for various training intensities
  • Lightweight for ease of transport
  • Quick to set up in under 30 seconds
  • Stackable for compact storage
  • Joint-friendly training
5 -year guarantee

Product description

The Sport-Thieme AirTrack AirBlock "Carbon": A Lightweight Solution for Joint-Friendly Training

The Sport-Thieme AirTrack AirBlock "Carbon" introduces an innovative approach to jump training with its inflatable, vinyl composition, ensuring a resilient and gentle experience that safeguards your joints. Its light build allows for easy transportation, enabling you to bring the AirBlock with you to any training location. With a quick inflation time of just 30 seconds, you can set up your training session without delay. The standout feature of this equipment lies in its adjustable pressure levels. Beginners can benefit from a softer bounce by utilizing lower pressure, easing into their jumps and minimizing strain. Advanced athletes, on the other hand, can increase the pressure for a firmer and more technical leap, which aids in achieving greater height and enhancing performance. Moreover, the Sport-Thieme AirTrack AirBlock "Carbon" comes with a generous 5-year warranty, ensuring its durability and long-term serviceability.

Please note that a blower is not included with this product.

  • Lightweight and portable for versatile training settings
  • Quick and easy inflation in just 30 seconds
  • Adjustable pressure to cater to different training needs and skill levels
  • Vinyl material ensures a resilient bounce and joint protection
  • Accompanied by a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind

This AirBlock "Carbon" is an exemplary piece of equipment for those looking to optimize their jump training while ensuring safety and joint protection. Its versatility and ease of use make it an ideal choice for athletes across various disciplines seeking to enhance their performance and achieve new heights.
Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock – great on its own and as part of a set
The Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock will allow you to perfectly tailor your training sessions to suit the abilities of your gymnasts. What’s more, the block boasts excellent elasticity, reducing the stress on your athletes’ joints. It’s an excellent and versatile product on its own, but also offers a wealth of training options when combined with other AirTrack items, so why not order a whole set? You’ll be amazed by the many exciting exercises and training drills the AirBlocks and AirFloors can be used for.

A must-have gymnastics product
The AirBlock is also extremely useful in combination with other gymnastics equipment. The springy platform is great for jumping onto a balance beam or vaulting buck, for example, and it’s a useful support for practising pullovers on the high bar.

A take-off platform that’s easy on the joints – order the Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock now.

Technical Details

Area of use
Target group
Club, School
Suitable for
Advanced, Beginner
Recommended age
six years and over
1 m
0.6 m
20 cm
2 kg



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Sport-Thieme "Carbon" AirBlock

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Guter Airbock Optischer Ersteindruck ist gut, die Verarbeitung sieht solide aus. Aus der Erfahrung heraus, zeigt sich die Haltbarkeit erst nach ein paar Monaten. Strapazierfähiges Material und teilweise doppelt verschweiste Nähte lassen auf lange Freude hoffen.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 23 May 2021