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Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell Bar

product details
Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell Bar
Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell Bar
Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell Bar
Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell Bar
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Product description

The Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell raises the bar for anyone looking to intensify their workout experience in gyms, sports clubs, or personal training sessions. This isn't your typical barbell. Its unique feature lies in the two ball-bearing handles that operate on a spindle system, which is engineered with both left-hand and right-hand threading. This innovative design ensures that the handles move in sync, influenced by each other's motion, thus enabling a movement pattern that aligns with the natural biomechanics of the athlete. The meticulously chosen thread pitch allows for seamless movements without sudden jerks when the handles are compressed or shifted, offering a significant advantage. Precision bearings assure a stable and controlled rotation, critical for achieving peak performance. Moreover, the barbell boasts a sleek, timeless design in black, complemented by two golden rings on each handle that serve as visual guides for proper gripping. The knurled handles ensure optimal grip during use, enhancing the overall training experience.

Product Details:
  • Grip diameter: 54 mm

This barbell is perfect for those who prioritize efficiency and safety in their workouts. The Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell is not just a piece of equipment; it's an innovation in fitness technology, designed to meet the highest standards of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Its distinctive spindle system and precision engineering facilitate a movement pattern that mimics the natural motion of the human body, ensuring a more effective and biomechanically sound workout.

Opt for the Squeezebar "Pro Classic" Barbell to enhance your fitness regime. This innovative piece of equipment is engineered to promote natural movement patterns, ensuring a stable and effective workout experience.

Technical Details

Länge Scheibenaufnahme
32 cm
Durchmesser Scheibenaufnahme
50 mm
Area of use
Fitness, Strength Training , Training
Product type
Outer material
Total length
200 cm
Grip width
132 cm
Total weight
15 kg
Weight dumbbell bar
15 kg
Max. Load capacity
160 kg

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