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Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Tech" Barbell Bar

An excellent choice for children and beginners

product details
Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Tech" Barbell Bar
Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Tech" Barbell Bar
Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Tech" Barbell Bar
Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Tech" Barbell Bar
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  • An excellent choice for children and rookies
  • Low net weight: perfect for learning the correct form
  • Knurled grip section makes holding the bar easier
  • Incl. spring collar clips

Product description

The Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Technique" Barbell: Ideal for Athletes of All Ages

The Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Technique" barbell, crafted from high-quality aluminum, offers a lightweight alternative to traditional steel or cast iron weights. Weighing just 2.2 kg, this barbell is perfectly suited for both children and beginners who are looking to master the correct lifting techniques. Its total grip width spans 100 cm, with a knurled handle that ensures a secure grip, even during the most intense workouts. This feature prevents slipping and promotes proper form, making the learning process not only effective but also safe.

  • Constructed from durable aluminum, weighing only 2.2 kg.
  • Ideal for beginners and young athletes to learn proper technique.
  • 100 cm grip width with a knurled handle for a secure, slip-resistant grip.
  • Promotes safe and effective training by encouraging correct form.

This lightweight and durable barbell is an exceptional tool for teaching correct lifting techniques to novices and youngsters alike. Its design prioritizes safety and effectiveness, ensuring a solid foundation for future athletic development. Discover the benefits of incorporating the Sport-Thieme "Aluminium Technique" barbell into your training routine.

Technical Details

Länge Scheibenaufnahme
10 cm
Durchmesser Scheibenaufnahme
50 mm
Area of use
Fitness, Training
Product type
Outer material
Total length
120 cm
Grip width
100 cm
Handle diameter
22 mm
Total weight
2.2 kg
Weight dumbbell bar
2.2 kg
Max. Load capacity
18 kg
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