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Sport-Thieme "Premium" Weighted Vest

An excellent tool to make your fitness, strength and/or running training harder

product details
Sport-Thieme "Premium" Weighted Vest
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W0-622915005 * € 84.03
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  • Extra weight for fitness, strength and running training
  • Even weight load on the upper body
  • Can be filled to suit your performance level
  • With hook-and-loop waist strap for a perfect fit
  • Easy to clean

Product description

Introducing the Sport-Thieme "Premium" Weight Vest – your go-to accessory for elevating your fitness, strength, and running routines. This size-adjustable weight vest boasts a perfect fit for any user, ensuring comfort and efficiency during any exercise. Its design includes 38 integrated pockets, allowing for truly flexible weight distribution. Simply slide the weights into the pockets located on the inner side of the vest to tailor the intensity of your workout to match your fitness level. With this vest, your upper body is evenly challenged, enhancing the effectiveness of your training. The innovative double Velcro system guarantees the vest remains securely in place, no matter the movement intensity. Cleaning is a breeze after your workout — a simple wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep your vest in prime condition.

Product Details:
  • Chest circumference: 88-135 cm
  • Includes 38 weights of 250 g each
  • Vest weight without added weights: 500 g
  • Load capacity up to 10 kg

For those seeking to push their boundaries, the Sport-Thieme "Premium" Weight Vest is an indispensable tool. It seamlessly integrates into various training sessions, providing a steady weight load for a substantial workout upgrade. Optimal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, this adjustable weight vest is made to enhance your workout routine efficiently and comfortably.

The Sport-Thieme "Premium" Weight Vest offers an unparalleled versatile workout experience. Its thoughtful design and user-friendly features make it an essential addition for anyone aiming to intensify their exercises effectively.
Carrying extra weight makes workouts harder
The weighted vest can be used for a range of workouts to help you get stronger and fitter. Whether worn during your strength exercises or cardio session, the vest won't restrict your movements and, most importantly, you don't have to hold the weights in your hands, so you can train as normal. The workout will just be harder because of the extra mass, meaning you'll burn more calories and fat. The weighted vest will therefore not only help you get stronger and fitter, but it can also help you to slim down.

Make your workout harder and get stronger and fitter. Order the Sport-Thieme "Premium" weighted vest now.

Technical Details

30% neoprene, 70% polyester
Material filling
Iron sand
10.0 kg
Additional weight possible
Extendable to 9.5 kg
Special feature
Easy to clean
Product rating 5

Sport-Thieme "Premium" Weighted Vest

3.87 of 5 Stars: Good

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