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Bwell "Incline" Under-Desk Treadmill

product details
Bwell "Incline" Under-Desk Treadmill
Bwell "Incline" Under-Desk Treadmill
Bwell "Incline" Under-Desk Treadmill
Bwell "Incline" Under-Desk Treadmill
Bwell "Incline" Under-Desk Treadmill
Bwell "Incline" Under-Desk Treadmill
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Product description

Bwell Office Treadmill "Incline": Quiet, Compact, Adjustable

The Bwell Office Treadmill "Incline" perfectly matches the needs of a modern workplace with its compact design, easily fitting under a desk. It offers employees the opportunity to enjoy gentle walking while at work with just a simple press of a button to adjust the speed. Additionally, this treadmill features an adjustable incline and speed control, allowing every user to tailor their walking experience according to their preferences. A small screen displays crucial information such as current speed, distance covered, and calories burned, empowering users to monitor their activity levels and set personal goals. Moreover, the "Incline" model stands out for its quiet operation, ensuring that it does not disrupt the workplace environment. Equipped with transport wheels, it can be effortlessly moved to different locations within the office, making it accessible for all employees to incorporate more movement into their day.

  • 10 user settings for personalized experiences
  • Cushioned running surface for optimal comfort

Display Console:
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Time

This innovative treadmill offers a convenient, health-fostering addition to the office setting. The Bwell Office Treadmill "Incline" with its user-friendly interface, individual adjustability, and silent operation, is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to promote wellness and productivity. Its easy mobility and compact size ensure that every employee has the opportunity to benefit from it, making it a valuable addition to any workspace.

This product is a versatile solution for companies aiming to enhance their employees' health and well-being directly at their workstations. The Bwell Office Treadmill "Incline" incorporates adjustable features to accommodate various fitness levels, complete with performance monitoring for a comprehensive wellness approach.

Technical Details

1–6 km/h
Inclination adjustment
Power source
Mains operation (230 V)
Dimensions (L×W×H)
Transport wheels
Max. user weight
130 kg
Weight of equipment
85 kg

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