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Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine

product details
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
Sport-Thieme "Hydraulic" Biceps/Triceps Machine
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This professional Sport-Thieme hydraulic biceps/triceps machine allows you to effectively strengthen your upper arms.
  • Effective workouts of your upper arm muscles
  • Suitable for any fitness level thanks to hydraulic technology with 6 resistance levels
  • Two-in-one station to train opposing muscle groups
  • Rubber pads on platform to prevent you from slipping
  • Incl. rubber feet for increased stability
Fitness Professionell Made in Germany

Product description

The Sport-Thieme hydraulic biceps/triceps machine: training to suit your fitness level
The Sport-Thieme hydraulic biceps/triceps machine has an ergonomically shaped seat and backrest to make workouts as comfortable as possible. This multi-gym features hydraulic technology with 6 different resistance levels to suit individual requirements. The resistance works in both directions, allowing you to work the two opposing muscle groups at the same time. The platform has been provided with non-slip rubber pads and the base features rubber feet for extra grip and increased stability.
Set up an 8-station workout circle
In addition to the Sport-Thieme biceps/triceps machine, we also offer 7 additional hydraulic multi-gyms. Using all 8 of them, you can set up a workout circle, with each of the stations working different muscle groups. This 8-station workout circle is a great choice for gyms and studios where several people want to work out at the same time. What’s more, fitting on just 25 m², the circle requires very little space, making it perfect for places where space is at a premium.

Shipping and assembly information
Please note that the freight costs include delivery to the kerbside only. The strength machines are completely pre-assembled. Due to their size and/or weight, they may however need to be taken apart to be carried to their place of use. To guarantee their functionality, we recommend that you hire our assembly team to transport the equipment where you want it to be set up and assemble it there. Please get in touch so we can provide you with a personal quote.

Hydraulic technology has many great advantages. See for yourself and order a Sport Thieme hydraulic biceps/triceps machine now.

Technical Details

Material of padding
Assembled dimensions (L×W×H)
148×75×106 cm
Weight of equipment
80 kg
Maximum load
150 kg
Thickness of padding
45 mm
Colour of padding
Colour of frame

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
  • The product will be delivered fully assembled.
  • The equipment may have to be disassembled before it can be transported to the preferred location.
  • To ensure full product functionality, we recommend that our team carries out the assembly and installation.
  • We would be happy to quote for assembly and/or installation.
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