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Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench

Build muscle effectively from a declined position

product details
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
Sport-Thieme "SQ", negativ Incline Bench
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Build chest muscle with the Sport-Thieme "SQ" decline bench. Different adjustment options add variety to your training sessions.
  • Effective workouts for the lower chest
  • Can be set to various angles for varied workouts
  • Adjustable surface and barbell rest – for individual training positions
5 -year guarantee
Fitness Professionell Made in Germany

Product description

Sport-Thieme "SQ" decline bench: training at different angles
The Sport-Thieme "SQ" decline bench is suitable for intensive workouts with your barbell as well as for training without equipment (sit-ups). The fitness bench can be set to different angles, allowing you to work the lower chest muscles more during bench press exercises. Your feet are held under the integrated foot pad – meaning you cannot lift your legs during training. The barbell rack is height-adjustable – allowing the barbell to be placed at different heights. Special bolts allow you to store your weight discs within easy reach, so they’re always ready when you need them.
Shipping and assembly instructions
The freight costs incurred only include delivery "to the kerbside". The strength machines are supplied fully assembled. However, due to the size or weight of some shipments, disassembly may be required to install the equipment. In order to guarantee the functionality of the equipment, we recommend that it is brought in and assembled by our assembly team. We’ll gladly give you a quote.

Work those chest muscles. Order your Sport-Thieme "SQ" decline bench now.

Technical Details

Design type
Single station
Material of padding
Assembled dimensions (L×W×H)
200×120×130 cm
Thickness of tubing
3–4 mm
Weight of equipment
75 kg
Maximum load
350 kg
Thickness of padding
45 mm
Colour of padding
Colour of frame

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
  • The product will be delivered fully assembled.
  • The equipment may have to be disassembled before it can be transported to the preferred location.
  • To ensure full product functionality, we recommend that our team carries out the assembly and installation.
  • We would be happy to quote for assembly and/or installation.
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