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Sport-Thieme for Cable Machine "OV" Straight Bar

product details
Sport-Thieme for Cable Machine "OV" Straight Bar
Sport-Thieme for Cable Machine "OV" Straight Bar
Sport-Thieme for Cable Machine "OV" Straight Bar
Sport-Thieme for Cable Machine "OV" Straight Bar
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  • High-quality workmanship for long-lasting use
Made in Germany

Product description

Enhance Your Workouts with the Sport-Thieme Multi-Cable Pull "OV" Bar

Elevate your fitness routine with the pull bar, designed specifically for the Sport-Thieme Multi-Cable Pull "OV". Simple to attach using carabiners to the two pulleys of the Multi-Cable Pull, this training bar transforms your equipment, allowing it to function similarly to a barbell. Depending on the angle of the cable pulls, you can diversify your workout with a range of exercises such as pullovers or rowing movements. Unlike a straight tricep bar, this pull bar provides the advantage of a wider grip, enabling you to harness the resistance from both weight blocks effectively. Exercises performed on the cable machine stand out for their constant resistance curve throughout each phase of the movement, offering a significant benefit over traditional barbells.

Product Details:
  • Material (Bar): Steel
  • Material (Coating): PVC
  • Dimensions (Lxø): 130x4.5 cm
  • Height of Eyelet Element: 5.8 cm
  • Weight: 5.24 kg

This pull bar is an excellent addition to your training arsenal, enhancing the versatility and effectiveness of the Sport-Thieme Multi-Cable Pull "OV". Its durable construction and thoughtful design cater to a broad array of exercises, ensuring constant resistance and improved grip options for a more challenging workout. Whether for professional gym setups or home fitness enthusiasts, this accessory promises to enrich your training offerings.

With its robust steel build and PVC coating, this pull bar not only guarantees durability but also provides a comfortable grip for extensive training sessions. Its compatibility with the Multi-Cable Pull "OV" ensures a seamless integration into your workout regime, making it an indispensable tool for any fitness enthusiast or professional facility aiming to elevate their training capabilities.

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