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Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer

product details
Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer
Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer
Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer
Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer
Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer
Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer
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Allegro Reformer – ideal for pilates, balance and fitness training
  • Very smooth movements
  • Individual adjustment
  • Develops balance and coordination
  • Simple and compact storage

Product description

Taking your coordination, strength and flexibility to the next level
The Balanced Body "Allegro" Pilates reformer is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike, helping them to take their posture and flexibility to the next level. Working against the resistance requires all muscles to do their bit and as a result you'll get stronger. Featuring a special spring mechanism and a moving surface, the reformer boasts smooth operation. The padded foot bar has four vertical and four horizontal adjustment levels to accommodate users of all sizes. The steel-spring system allows the intensity level of the workout to be adjusted to suit the athlete's needs.

  • Carriage rides on 8-wheel suspension system with ABEC-3 ball bearings
  • Carriage supported by 4 vertical wheels and guided by 4 side wheels
  • Carriage with non-slip cover: low-wear, sweat-resistant and wipe-clean
  • High-quality Visco foam pads
  • Built-in wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Spring system offers up to 46 resistance levels
  • 2 spring positions (neutral and tensioned)
  • Includes 1 blue, 1 yellow and 3 red springs
  • With excellent-grip platform
  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder pads
  • 3 headrest settings
  • Extra-wide foot bars with many positioning options for hands and/or feet
  • Highly tear-resistant cables
  • Quick and easy length adjustment of the cable pulls using nautical clamps
  • Swivel pulleys allow variable angles of resistance

Product information
  • Anodised, long-lasting aluminium
  • The legs must be ordered separately
  • 8-wheel suspension system on runners with ABEC 3 ball bearings
  • 4 vertical support wheels and 4 side wheels for lateral stabilisation enabling a smooth and quiet ride
  • Carriage with non-slip cover: Low wear, sweat resistant and washable
  • Stability padding: high-quality Visco foam
  • Integrated wheel system so machine can be moved easily
  • Spring system providing up to 46 different resistance levels
  • Two spring positions (neutral and tensioned)
  • Spring set consists of: 3x red, 1x blue and 1x yellow
  • Standing platform with non-slip coating
  • Ergonomically-shaped shoulder padding
  • Head piece with 3 adjustment levels
  • Extra wide foot bar with many options for positioning hands and feet
  • Rope pulls made from tear-proof material
  • Quick and simple length adjustment of the ropes with nautical clip system
  • Guide pulleys so the ropes run perfectly at variable angles

Allegro Reformer - the unique training device for everyone
The Allegro Reformer provides the opportunity to perform a wide range of exercises. Exercising remains varied and does not loose its charm. Now you can make your training even more efficient: The rope pulleys allow the user to reach out further, which might in turn provide greater flexibility. For compact storage, the allegro reformer can be folded flat and stacked. Whether for use at home or in group workout at the gym or a pilates studio – the allegro reformer allows both beginners and experienced users to have an effective pilates workout.

Technical Details

236x58x14 cm
63 kg

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  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.


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Balanced Body Allegro" Pilates Reformer

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Allegro 1 reformer = geweldig! De reformer is duurder dan normaal, maar wordt wel ontzettend snel geleverd. Zo snel dat ik niet eens een mailtje had ontvangen dat de vervoerder onderweg was, dus deze stond opeens op een maandagochtend 7h45 voor mijn deur met een enorme pallet. Blij dat de reformer er was, maar wel vreemde (non) communicatie. De reformer is top, super smooth, heerlijk om zelf en mijn deelnemers op te laten trainen. Aanrader!

  • Kwaliteit
  • Design
  • Functionaliteit

Bought on: 26 March 2022


Fast and Easy to assemble

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 29 September 2013