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Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat

The most versatile Airex mat yet

product details
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat
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The Airex "Xtrema" exercise mat is the most versatile Airex mat yet, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for general fitness, prevention exercises, Pilates and yoga.
  • Ideal for gyms, schools and clubs
  • Can also be used outdoors and in the water
  • Particularly durable as the mat is even denser
  • Easy to wipe clean using soapy water
  • With Sanitized finish: reliable protection against bacteria and fungi
AGR Airexmatten

Product description

The Airex Gymnastics Mat "Xtrema": Designed for Heavy Use

The Airex Gymnastics Mat "Xtrema" is a versatile tool engineered to meet the challenges of Functional Fitness, aquatic exercises, and outdoor activities. Its exceptional density not only enhances durability but also prolongs lifespan, making it a steadfast companion even in water and outdoor settings. This mat is renowned for its superior cushioning properties, ensuring joint-friendly training even under the most demanding conditions such as those encountered in Functional Fitness routines. The dirt-repellent surface texture boasts extreme slip resistance, preventing the mat from compressing onto the floor under focused pressure. Whether it’s for fitness, preventive exercises, Pilates, Yoga, team sports, or school sports, the Airex Gymnastics Mat "Xtrema" stands out as a premier choice in any fitness environment.

Product Details:
  • Material: Closed-cell special foam
  • Contains active, biocidal substances - Active ingredient: Folpet

Designed with meticulous attention to both functionality and user safety, the Airex Gymnastics Mat "Xtrema" offers unmatched resilience and support across a wide spectrum of physical activities. The inclusion of Folpet as an active biocidal ingredient underscores the mat's commitment to maintaining hygiene, an essential aspect in high-traffic fitness and educational settings.

This outstanding product is not just about robustness and safety; its multifunctional nature makes it an invaluable asset across different sporting scenes. From enhancing your Functional Fitness routines with a joint-friendly surface to providing stable support during Yoga or Pilates sessions, the Airex Gymnastics Mat "Xtrema" delivers on all fronts, ensuring a superior and compliant training experience.

In conclusion, the Airex Gymnastics Mat "Xtrema" stands as a testament to versatility, durability, and safety in the realm of fitness equipment. Its exceptional features, combined with a commitment to user well-being, make it an excellent choice for professionals seeking top-tier training tools.

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Airex "Xtrema" Exercise Mat

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