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Turnbar "Education" Outdoor Fitness Station

product details
Turnbar "Education" Outdoor Fitness Station
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  • Versatile training apparatus for indoor and outdoor use
  • Professional outdoor gym equipment for clubs, schools and universities
  • Train at any time – whatever the season, your age or fitness level
  • Low-maintenance, long-lasting and vandal-proof construction
  • An attractive design that is loved by users. Can be expanded and modified.
  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
Made in Germany

Product description

Turnbar Outdoor Fitness Equipment "Education": For a Variety of Exercises
The Turnbar Outdoor Fitness Equipment "Education" model presents an innovative and versatile setup perfect for club, school, and university sports. Its thoughtfully designed combination of challenging and playful elements encourages youngsters and adults alike, including those with limited experience in physical activities, to engage in creative and level-appropriate exercise. This equipment is also exceptionally accommodating for individuals in wheelchairs and seniors, promoting inclusivity and accessibility in outdoor fitness.

Product Details:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
Safety Guidelines:
  • Required Space: 8x12.5 m
  • 6 Posts
  • 1 Pull-up Bar ø 33 cm
  • 1 Curved Pull-up Bar
  • 1 Monkey Bars
  • 1 Multigrip
  • 1 Multiflexbar
  • 1 Vertical (Pole) Bar
  • 1 Boxcombo
  • 1 Freestanding Parallel Bars with Steps
  • 1 Deep Parallel Bars Combination
  • 1 Net

The "Education" model is an outstanding choice for those looking to enhance outdoor spaces with quality fitness equipment. Each component is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements. The diverse range of stations, from pull-up bars to a variety of bars and a net, supports a wide array of exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun, engaging manner. Suitable for users of all abilities, it's an ideal investment for schools, clubs, and public spaces aiming to promote health, well-being, and inclusiveness in their communities.

Choosing the Turnbar Outdoor Fitness Equipment "Education" ensures access to high-quality, versatile training options. The inclusivity and adaptability of this equipment make it a smart addition for enhancing outdoor fitness offerings, benefitting a wide audience with its comprehensive workout stations.
Impressive quality
The Turnbar "Education" outdoor gym is designed for use in public areas and complies with the standards for both fitness equipment (16630:2015) and playground equipment (EN 1176-1:2017). It is therefore safe to be enjoyed by a wide range of different users. The callisthenics station is entirely made of stainless steel and manufactured in Germany.

This multi-station outdoor gym offers a host of different workout options. Order the Turnbar "Education" outdoor gym now.

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