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Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer

Achieve your goals – step by step

product details
Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer
Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer
Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer
Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer
Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer
Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer
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  • Tracks steps, distance, active time and calories
  • With 7-day memory to track performance
  • Smart technology: for improved step count accuracy

Product description

Enhance Your Athletic Performance with the Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer

Elevate your walking routines with the precision and reliability of the Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer. Designed to accurately track your steps, measure the distance covered, and calculate the calories burned, this pedometer is an invaluable tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Its two-line LCD display ensures that you can easily check your current metrics at a glance, including a progress bar that helps you keep sight of your step goals. To keep your motivation high and monitor your progress, the device stores up to 7 days of activity data. Equipped with a convenient clip, users can securely attach the device to their waistband quickly before starting their exercise session.

Smart Technology for Trustworthy Metrics

The Sport-Thieme "3D Active" goes beyond counting steps. Its Plus Activity Time feature additionally records your daily active minutes, providing a comprehensive view of your physical activity. The pedometer also facilitates the calculation of your personal stride length—simply enter your weight for customized, reliable step counting. Thanks to its advanced 3D sensor technology, the device only counts sequences of 10 or more consecutive steps, ensuring that sudden movements are not mistakenly registered as steps. When athletes achieve their daily goals, the pedometer notifies them with a message on the display, accompanied by a flashing LED and an audible signal. This package includes a detachable clip, strap, CR-2032 battery, and an instruction manual for easy setup and use.

  • Accurately tracks steps, distance, and calories burned
  • Displays current metrics and a progress bar for step goal tracking
  • Stores up to 7 days of activity data to monitor progress
  • Advanced 3D sensor technology for precise step counting
  • Customizable settings for stride length and weight for accurate metrics
  • Goal completion notifications with visual and audible alerts
  • Includes detachable clip, strap, CR-2032 battery, and manual for convenience

Discover how the Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer can transform your walking routine into an insightful, motivating fitness journey. Its innovative features and accurate tracking capabilities make it an essential companion for achieving your fitness goals.
MEMS to count your steps
Pedometers tend to be based on a microelectrical-mechanical system (MEMS), which captures all forward, sideways and upward movements to then translate this information into steps.

Are your athletes looking for a reliable activity tracker to monitor their performance? Then order the Sport-Thieme "Active" 3D pedometer now.

Technical Details

75x40x20 mm
200 g
Power supply
Product rating 5

Sport-Thieme "3D Active" Pedometer

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