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Artzt Neuro "Half-field glasses" Training Tools

An all-inclusive set with 11 two-tone glasses

product details
Artzt Neuro "Half-field glasses" Training Tools
Artzt Neuro "Half-field glasses" Training Tools
Artzt Neuro "Half-field glasses" Training Tools
Artzt Neuro "Half-field glasses" Training Tools
Article no. Price (11-piece set) Delivery date Quantity (11-piece set)
W0-622973207 * € 251.26
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 24.07.

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  • Large enough to cover the entire field of vision
  • With elastic strap: suitable for all head sizes
  • Acrylic-glass lenses
  • Easy to clean with water and mild detergent
  • 11 two-tone glasses

Product description

Artzt Vitality neuro training glasses for neural colour therapy
The 11 Artzt Vitality neuro training spectacles feature strong, two-tone acrylic glass lenses, which divide the visual field vertically. The glasses can be used from both sides, so any particular colour can be on the lenses’ left or right half. The colour information taken in by our eyes has a special effect on our brain. The eyes transmit the information from the respective outer field of vision to the opposite cerebral hemisphere and from the nasal field of vision to the cerebral hemisphere on the same side. A blue or transparent lens activates the nerve cells, while a red or black lens has a relaxing effect. The two-tone neuro training glasses are particularly beneficial for people with cerebral hemispheres of disproportionate strengths (e.g. resulting from an injury or an illness), as they can relax a patient’s dominant hemisphere while stimulating their weaker hemisphere.

Product information
  • Material, lenses: acrylic glass
  • Material, strap: rubber band and polyester
  • Lens diameter: approx. 5.5 cm
  • Width: 15 cm
  • Shipping weight: 550 g
  • Shipping dimensions: 4×38×26 cm

Colour combinations included:
  • Green/blue
  • Blue/transparent
  • Red/transparent
  • Red/blue
  • Red/green
  • Green/transparent
  • Yellow/green
  • Yellow/transparent
  • Red/yellow
  • Blue/yellow
  • Grey/transparent
Are you looking for colour therapy spectacles for your patients? Then order the Artzt Vitality neuro training glasses now.

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