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Artzt Neuro "Vision chart complete" Training Tools

Visual training for improved performance

product details
Artzt Neuro "Vision chart complete" Training Tools
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  • Visual training for improved perception
  • Trains the eye muscles for sharper vision at different distances (near/far)
  • Trains hand-eye as well as foot-eye coordination
  • Improves peripheral vision perception
  • For improved reaction times
Made in Germany

Product description

Enhance Your Visionary Skills with the Artzt Neuro Training Tool Set "Vision Charts Complete": A tool for visual therapy and sports performance enhancement

The Artzt Neuro Training Tool Set "Vision Charts Complete" is a comprehensive package specifically designed to train and enhance visual perception through various methods. These reusable vision charts are crafted not only for athletes seeking to improve their spatial and optical perception but also for those in need of visual therapy. Whether you're aiming to boost performance in competitive sports or embark on a therapeutic journey to better your visual skills, this set is tailored to meet diverse needs.

One set, multiple applications

The complete set includes a total of 14 charts, offering a wide range of applications. The "4-Fields," "Arrows," and "Coordination" charts are excellent for improving coordination skills, while the 3 "Saccadic" charts assist in quicker fixation on various objects.

  • Training visual perception at varying distances and within limited fields of view
The "Near/Far" charts aid in sharpening the ability to focus on objects at different distances clearly. Furthermore, the "Peripheral Perception" chart is designed to train side vision, enhancing the ability to detect approaching objects promptly.

  • Enhancing spatial perception and eye muscle strength
The "Digit Search" chart serves as an effective tool for training the sense of space and direction. Additionally, the "VOR Chart" is utilized to train the vestibulo-ocular reflex, essential for maintaining clear vision during rapid head movements, and can also be employed to strengthen weak eye muscles.

The set comprises 14 sheets:
  • 4-Fields
  • Arrows
  • Coordination (4 Charts)
  • Saccadic (3 Charts)
  • Near/Far (2 Charts)
  • Peripheral Perception
  • Digit Search
  • Vestibulo-ocular Reflex (VOR)
  • Size: DIN A4

This Artzt Neuro Training Tool Set "Vision Charts Complete" is a proven asset for individuals and professionals seeking to refine visual skills and perception. With its diverse range of applications, from sports performance enhancement to visual therapy, this set stands as a versatile and indispensable tool in the field of visual training. It's an exceptional choice for athletes, therapists, and anyone looking to unlock their visual potential.

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Artzt Neuro "Vision chart complete" Training Tools

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Bought on: 20 October 2023