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Artzt Neuro "Vision Stick Set" Training Tool

An excellent prop to help your eyes focus

product details
Artzt Neuro "Vision Stick Set" Training Tool
Artzt Neuro "Vision Stick Set" Training Tool
Artzt Neuro "Vision Stick Set" Training Tool
Artzt Neuro "Vision Stick Set" Training Tool
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  • Neurocentric training for improved vision and cognitive skills
  • With clear fixation point markers
  • Incredibly versatile
Made in Germany

Product description

Artzt Neuro Training Tool "Vision Stick Set" – A Small Tool With Significant Impact

The Artzt Neuro Training Tool "Vision Stick Set" features a blue and a white wooden stick, each fitted with a medium-hard lead. Printed letters on these tools act as fixations points for a wide range of exercises tailored towards neurocentric training. An introductory activity involves switching focus between a close and a distant target; once the target is clearly visible, the participant should switch focus. Furthermore, the set can be employed in various exercises involving movement signals, combined drills, or eye push-up exercises. Thus, the sticks can be precisely used to facilitate improvements and corrections in both convergence and divergence of vision.

  • Comes with both a blue and a white stick, made of wood, for diverse exercises.
  • Medium-hard lead with printed letters serves as fixation points for training.
  • Suitable for exercises aimed at improving convergence and divergence.
  • Versatile usage in training regimes including movement signals, combined drills, and eye push-ups.

This innovative tool is designed for enhanced visual acuity and agility, suitable for anyone looking to refine their neurocentric training regimen. Offering versatility and effective results, the "Vision Stick Set" is the perfect addition for educators and therapists focusing on cognitive and visual development.

Technical Details

Area of use
Neurocentric training
Synthetic leather
24x1.2x0.8 cm
14 g each
blue, White


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