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Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer

Strength training – redefined

product details
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer
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The BOSU Helm press-up handle will make your strength training even more effective, regardless of whether you’re performing your floor exercises at home, in the gym or a club.
  • 3 different grip positions allow you to target different muscle groups
  • Multi-functional: improving your endurance, strength and stability
  • Can also work muscles that are difficult to reach
  • Gentle on your joints thanks to ergonomic grips
  • Even more training options possible when used with the BOSU balance trainer and/or exercise ball

Product description

The BOSU Helm press-up handle – improving your strength, endurance and stability
The BOSU Helm press-up handle is made of high-quality plastic and allows you to improve your strength, endurance and stability all at the same time. It’s an excellent product to vary your floor exercises, such as press-ups (push-ups) and planks: the 3 different grip positions will allow you to effectively work different muscle groups. In the standard position, the Helm muscle trainer will work your chest, shoulders and triceps. A narrow grip will target your biceps, shoulders and chest muscles, while the wide grip will work the outer chest, shoulders and back.

Product information
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions (L×W×H): 90×34×17 cm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Colour: black
Limitless training options
The BOSU Helm press-up handle will allow you to simultaneously work muscle groups that are tricky to target, such as arms, shoulders, upper and lower back. The ergonomically arranged grips provide optimal support for the wrists and target specific muscle groups. Using this training aid, workouts are extremely effective, improving your endurance while also strengthening and stabilising your upper body and core. When used with the BOSU balance trainer or BOSU exercise ball, your Helm press-up handle workout will be even more challenging.

Would you like to make your strength training routine even more effective? This training aid will enable you to tone your muscles in a more targeted manner than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the BOSU Helm press-up handle from Sport-Thieme now.


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Bosu "Helm" Stability Trainer

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Super Gerät Sowohl am Boden als auch auf dem Gymnastikball super zu nutzen. Vielleicht noch etwas zu teuer aber ein tolles Gerät.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 7 March 2021


Extra !

  • Qualité
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  • Fonctionnalité

Bought on: 9 June 2020