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Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board

Safe and effective body awareness training

product details
Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board

Non-slip surface

Incl. non-slip underlay

Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board
Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board
Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board
Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board
Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board
Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board
Sport-Thieme "Classic" Sport Balance Board
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The "Classic" sports disc – the original from Sport-Thieme. Perfect for recreational athletes as well as professionals in competitive sports.
  • Develops balance and coordination
  • Ideal for advanced and professional users
  • Non-slip – with a coated wooden board
  • Comes with detailed exercise instructions
10 -year guarantee
Hauseigene Fertigung Sport-Thieme Koordinationstraining - Level 3 Made in Germany Übungsanleitung inkl.

Product description

The classic disc!
This sports disc sits on the floor in a stable position thanks to its integrated steel core. Even just a slight load results in immediate instability: it tips to the side and the user must react immediately. The hemispherical shape makes the tilt significantly greater than an elliptically shaped plastic disc. This means every balance exercise challenges your sense of balance and coordination.

Product information:
  • Coated wooden disc
  • With aluminium hemisphere
  • Can hold up to 180 kg
  • Includes non-slip rubber underlay
  • Height: 12 cm
  • ø approx. 37 cm

Tips to help you achieve the best possible training effect:
  • Train barefoot
  • Gently support the shoulder of the person exercising, as having to support any body weight on the surface makes it much harder for them to balance on the device's centre point
  • Beginners can put the sports disc next to the wall as touching the wall with it using your fingertips will not make the body overbalance
  • Try to maintain your balance without moving your arms, so that this has to be achieved through feet and legs only and by using the muscles in your core

Exercise suggestions:
  • Lift up objects in different directions and distances whilst squatting
  • Move from standing up into a kneeling position. This can be done by using a strong lifting movement whilst resting your hands on the edge of the disc.
  • Kneel in an upright position on the centre of the disc
  • Place both knees over the centre of the disc. Place your hands on the side for support and rest your body weight on both knees.

The balance disc with a lot to offer!
The "Classic" sports disc doesn't only develop your balance. It also strengthens the muscles in the feet, legs and pelvic floor as well as placing additional demands on the muscles in the trunk when exercising in a kneeling or sitting position or when lying on your front. The disc consists of a non-slip wooden disc and an aluminium hemisphere with a steel core that is securely screwed on and can support a body weight of up to 180 kg.

A balance disc that requires balance and coordination: the Sport-Thieme "Classic" sports disc.

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