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RCS "School Cube" PA System

Small, compact and a great sound

product details
RCS "School Cube" PA System
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The RCS "School Cube" sound system will impress you with its multidirectional loudspeaker system: sound is projected evenly in 3 different directions and is particularly easy to hear and understand.
  • Perfect for nurseries and schools
  • Consistent sound projection in 3 different directions
  • Robust casing
Made in Germany

Product description

The RCS Sound System "School Cube PWA-104" stands out for its multifunctionality and durability, making it an excellent choice for educational institutions, kindergartens, and clubs. This compact PA system features a versatile media player that allows for the playback of audio files from USB drives, SD cards, or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Adding to its functionality, the unit also comes with a built-in recording feature. Engineered with an MDF casing, the "School Cube" is designed to withstand the daily rigors of use in busy environments. Its audio performance is delivered through three 5.25-inch full-range speakers, ensuring a clear, natural sound that fills the space evenly. Moreover, the built-in VHF receiver operates within a license-free and stable frequency range, facilitating wireless microphone use with the specified handheld microphone. For those looking to utilize a headset, an additional bodypack transmitter (not included) would be required, both of which are available as optional accessories.

Product specifications:
  • Power RMS: 50 W/30 W
  • Power source: Mains, 15 V 3.3 Ah
  • Speakers: 5.25" Full Range
  • Inputs: Line In RCA; Line In Mic Jack 6.3 mm
  • Outputs: Line Out RCA
  • VHF Receiver: 174-216 MHz, license-free
  • Bluetooth functionality

Product details:
  • MDF casing
  • Dimensions: 22x21x20 cm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Color: Mint green (Glossy)

This sound system is not only a testament to sound quality and versatility but also to convenience and durability. Ideal for dynamic educational settings and community centers, the RCS "School Cube PWA-104" ensures that your space is equipped with superior sound performance. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and durability with this robust PA system, ideal for any setting that values clarity and reliability in their audio needs.
Are you looking for an excellent, compact mobile sound system for your nursery, school or club? Then order the RCS "School Cube" sound system now.


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